What is Session Confirmation?

Zoho Assist's Session Confirmation feature ensures that a remote support session is authorized by the end user before it is launched. The confirmation request appears on the end user's screen and prompts them to grant the technician, access to their device. Once the user confirms the session, the technician can remotely access the device and provide support.

How do I set up Remote Session Confirmation?

  • Log into Zoho Assist from https://assist.zoho.com
  • Navigate to Settings and select Unattended Access.
  • Under Unattended Access, select Session Confirmation.
  • Check the Show Confirmation at Remote End dialog box to enable Session Confirmation.
  • Customize the session confirmation prompt message and set a time-out duration (in seconds).
  • Once Session Confirmation is enabled, the end user will be prompted with a session request confirmation window, where they can either accept or reject the request.
remote session confirmation
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Why should you use the Session Confirmation feature?

Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support software that helps technicians access and troubleshoot remote client devices from anywhere in the world. To prevent unauthorized access and protect user privacy, a remote session might require a Session Confirmation. Session Confirmation ensures that the person receiving remote support is aware of, and consents to, the remote session. This guarantees that the user's privacy is protected, and their sensitive data remains secure from unauthorized access.

What can you do once a session is confirmed?


File transfer

Once your session has been confirmed by the end-user, both the support agent and the client can securely transfer files of all formats up to 5GB.


Customization and Rebranding

Make your business name, logo, and domain unique to your brand with Zoho Assist's customization and rebranding features.


Instant chat

Instantly collaborate with your clients. Equipped with voice and video chat, Assist helps you provide interactive demos and strengthen customer relationships.



Digitally draw on your client’s screen to expedite issue resolutions. This feature also helps end users understand the resolution process more clearly so they can fix future issues without technician intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an end user revoke access to their device after confirming the session?

Yes, the end user can opt to end the support session at any time, even after granting access to the technician. They can do this by closing the Zoho Assist customer application on their device.

Is session confirmation mandatory for conducting an unattended access session?

No, it is not mandatory. However, organizations that comply with HIPAA standards, or work with clients who do not want their devices to be freely accessed by technicians, can opt to enable the Session Confirmation feature.

How can a customer accept the session request?

Once Session Confirmation has been enabled by the technician, a prompt will appear on the customer's screen. They can choose to accept or decline the request from this prompt.

Is Session Confirmation available on Mac devices?

No, currently Zoho Assist's Session Confirmation feature is only available on Windows devices.

Can the session confirmation requirement be waived for certain devices?

Yes, you can exclude specific devices or a group of devices. All you need to do is navigate to Session Confirmation (from the Settings menu under Unattended Access). You can then choose a device or a group of devices to exclude from the requirement. These devices will be accessible without confirmation from your customers.