Remote PC Diagnostics

Intranets, Employees and Private Groups

When providing remote support to users experiencing such technical difficulties, it is a necessity for you to have tools to perform extra diagnostic activities.

Zoho Assist comes equipped with a Diagnostics facility that provides comprehensive details of the remote computer during a remote support session. It provides the prime diagnostics information in a single tabbed interface called Remote PC Diagnostics. It displays basic information about the remote system, lists all the on-going processes, lists all the services along with their running status, lists all the hardware and software drivers that are active, shows the details of software applications and programs, displays details of all the startup programs and shows details of all events categorized by Application, Security or System.

Remote Diagnostics

This helps you to gain more insight about the remote system. For example a technician can:

• know if any unwanted or spurious services, processes or applications are running.
• know if any necessary processes and services have been stopped or disabled.
• track if services were started automatically/manually.
• track events that occurred and their severity.
• track processes that utilize the most memory/CPU.

All this information is made available without bothering the remote user, exclusively viewable at the technician’s end. This feature helps reducing the resolution time in solving the problem, with the prime diagnostic details aggregated in one place. This feature is available for Windows only.

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