Why is Network Statistics important?

The network statistics help determine the robustness of the connection established between the support technician and their customer in a remote support session. The quality of the instituted connection promptly influences the calibre of the remote assistance offered, thus determining the standards of the networks associated with the session is of key value to notch the productivity.

Using the Network Statistics option available in the session menu, identify the status of the connected networks and learn the demographics of the same, specifically for each technician and customer.

How are the network demographics classified:

The network demographics available are as follow:  


Latency of a session is the time lapsed for a packet of data to travel from the gateway to the support technician or customer and back, and this round-trip-time(RTT) is measured in milliseconds (ms).

Upload Rate:

The upload rate is the speed at which the customer's data is uploaded to the gateway, and is calculated in bits/second.

Download Rate:

The Download rate is the speed at which the support technician downloads the data uploaded in the Gateway, and is calculated in bits/second.

Connectivity Status:

The performance of the session shows the status of the established connection, and it's derived from the average latency recorded.

If latency < 50ms , the status of the connection is defined as "EXCELLENT".

Likewise, if the latency is recorded as

  1. >50 and <= 150ms, the connection is termed "GOOD"
  2. >150and <=300ms, "AVERAGE"
  3. And if > 300ms, the connection is "POOR"


Peer-to-Peer Connection :

Peer to peer is a direct connection established when the support technician and end-user -customer, are connected via a mutual network thus curbing the dependency on a gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.   How do I differentiate between a Technician & Customer?

No trouble for you there, we've added an icon next to the technician's name to aid a visible difference.

2.   Can I share the gateway location ?

Yes, you can share the connected gateway location.

3. How are poor connections being notified in a session?

Instead of going to the session menu every time, a floating notification is enabled to inform whether the customer's or the connected technician's network is poor.