Why am I not able to wake the remote computer?

You will be able to use Wake On LAN to switch on a computer that is in sleep /hibernate/shutdown if all the below requirements are met.

Basic Requirements

  • The remote computer you are trying to turn on should be on wired (Ethernet) network connection (not Wi-Fi).
  • The remote computer should be connected to the power source.
  • A minimum of one computer with unattended agent installed should be online in the target network.

BIOS Settings

The Wake on LAN is generally disabled in the BIOS settings. You need to enable it on each unattended computer for Wake on LAN to work. The most common method adopted across different vendors is as follows.

  • During the computer's power-on self-test, enter the BIOS setting screen by pressing the F1, INS, or DEL keys.
  • Select Power Management.
  • Choose Wake on LAN/WLAN
  • Under Wake on LAN/WLAN, choose "LAN or WLAN".
  • Save and Exit the BIOS settings.

Power Management Settings

Make sure you have enabled wake on LAN on the remote computer. You may enable wake on LAN on the remote computer from our website itself. To Enable Wake on LAN go to Settings > Unattended Access > Wake on LAN.

Note: Wake on LAN will be enabled only if the computer you are trying to wake up was online during the process of enabling wake on LAN from Zoho Assist website.


Wake on LAN is currently available only for Windows.

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