What are the list of features restricted during the trial version and how do I get access to them?


In Zoho Assist, there are a few features that are not accessible in the trial version due to security reasons. They are as listed below:

Remote print

This option will enable the technicians to print any document from the remote computers, provided that the remote drivers have been installed on the remote computer they access.

Blank screen

Upon obtaining access to this feature, you can blacken the screen of the remote end user and disable their input devices at the same time.

Disable input devices

This feature will allow you to disable the keyboard and mouse of the user at the remote end instantly.


How to obtain access to restricted features?

To access these features in the trial version of Assist, you can initiate an email request during a session. From the technician console, click on a restricted feature and select the Send Request option when the Feature restricted in trial version window pops up. Our support team will validate your request and provide access within 2-3 business days.