Two-factor authentication


You can add an extra layer of security by enabling Two-factor authentication(TFA) for users in your organization. TFA is a security process in which the user provides two authentication factors to verify who they are. Various authentication modes such as SMS, Time-based OTP, Touch ID, Push Notification, Smartphone or QR Code can be set up according to your preference.


How to set up two-factor authentication?

  • Go to Settings and choose Two-factor Authentication below Security & Compliance.
  • Click on the link Zoho Directory.

  • Enter your Company Name and Portal Name and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. 
  • Click on Yes, Associate to sync your account details with Zoho Directory.

  • Now go to Security Policies and click on Getting Started.

  • Choose Two-factor Authentication and enable it.

  • Select the authentication mode of your choice and click ENFORCE TFA. 
  • Once enforced, additional verification such as SMS, OTP, etc, will be required for further logins.

How to activate TFA for newly added technicians in the organization?

If you have added a new technician in your organization, you can invite them to have a TFA set up by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings and choose Two-factor Authentication below Security & Compliance.
  • Click on MANAGE.

  • Navigate to the tab Users. The users who have been newly added will be marked as External.

  • Choose the specified user and then click Convert to Org.

  • An invite mail will be sent to the user. On clicking Join Now, TFA will be activated for that user.

How to reset lost or forgotten passwords for users?

If you are the Admin of the organization, you can reset the user's password by following the steps below.

  • Go to Settings and choose Two-factor Authentication below Security & Compliance. Click Users tab.

  • Click Reset Password.
  • Now enable Notify Users, enter your password and click Reset Password.

  • A mail would be sent to the particular user containing the new password.
  • Once reset, the new password should be used for further logins.

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