• Technician - The person who access remote computer and takes control of it.
  • Customer - The person whose remote computer is accessed and controlled by the Technician.
  • Technician Console - The run-time application that gets installed when the Technician starts a remote support session.
  • Customer Console - The run-time application that opens up when the Customer shares his/her remote computer's desktop with the Technician.
  • UAC - User Account Control (UAC) is a security feature of Windows that helps you to prevent unauthorized changes to the operating system.
  • Run As Service - Provides you with administrator level privileges so that you can reboot, send alt+ctrl+del and install applications on your remote computer.
  • User Confirmation - A confirmation prompt that appears at the remote end before starting an unattended session.
  • Active X ( Technician Console and Customer Console ) - Technology behind the run-time application, written in native language for better reliability and speed.
  • HTML 5 ( Technician Console ) - Technology behind the run-time application, written in HTML5 markup language to run on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks.
  • Deployment - The process by which you can configure unattended access to a group of computers.


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