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You can share your computer screen online with anyone across the world using our Screen Sharing feature. It's simple to use and you can either start a screen sharing session instantly or schedule a screen sharing session depending on your needs. Screen sharing can be used for online meetings, demos, training, and related purposes. Your customers can request for remote control if needed.

  • Instant Screen Sharing

           Share your desktop, presentations and conduct online demos or training virtually to your customers instantly.

  • Scheduled Screen Sharing

           Schedule your screen sharing session well in advance at your customer's available date and time. You can set up a reminder email both for yourself and your customer before the scheduled time.

Instant Screen Sharing

  • Once you log in, navigate to Remote Support menu.
  • Choose Share My Screen and click on START NOW.

  • Choose any one of the options to invite your customer.
  • Click DOWNLOAD while sharing the session for the first time (It is a one-time installation process. You needn't download it again for future sessions as long as you are using the same computer and browser).

  • The screen sharing session will begin once the customer joins the session through the email invitation.


  • Guide your customer to and ask him/her to enter the Session ID and Password to join the session.
  • Once the session starts, your customer can request control of your computer by clicking Session > Request Control.

  • You can choose to Accept or Decline the request.

Scheduled Screen Sharing

  • Once you log in, navigate to Remote Support menu.
  • Choose Share My Screen.
  • Enter the customer's email address and click SCHEDULE.

  • Once you schedule the session, you can start the session by clicking on START in the homepage.

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  • You can start a screen sharing session by clicking on  START SESSIONin the reminder email.


  • Screen Sharing is currently available for Windows and Mac only.
  • You can conduct a screen sharing session only if you are inRemote Support (Professional).  

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