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Schedule a remote support session at your customer's convenient time when your customer is not ready for an instant remote support session. It can help you support customers on different time zones. Your customer receives an email notification once you schedule a session and you can set reminders to yourself as well as your customer. You can also reschedule a session if required.

Feature Highlights

  • Schedule session to the respective time zone of your customer
  • Add a description that would be sent along with the invitation mail
  • Reschedule the session anytime
  • Reminders to both yourself and your customer before the scheduled session
  • Option to start the session even before the scheduled time


To schedule a session

  • Once you log in, navigate to Remote Support menu.
  • Enter the customer's email address and click SCHEDULE.

  • Enter the session Title and Description.

  • Select the Timezone of your customer. If you aren't sure of the customer's timezone, it will be scheduled to your timezone.

  • Choose the Date on which the session has to be scheduled.

  • Choose the Time at which you want the session to begin.

  • You can set the time before which you want the reminder mail to be sent by clicking on Reminder.

  • Now click SCHEDULE to schedule the session.

To Reschedule/Cancel the session

  • Go to the session that needs to be edited/rescheduled.
  • Click beside the session.
  • Choose Edit to reschedule the session or click Cancel to revoke the session.


  • You can start the session even before the scheduled time by clicking on START given beside every session in the Upcoming list.

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