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The Zoho Assist software can be run on the remote computer as an application or as a service. Run As Service will be enabled by default if the customer is using an Administrator account. The administrator privileges are denied to a standard account user when they run the software as an application. To acquire administrator privileges, the technician has to run the software as a service in the remote computer.

Running Zoho Assist as a service provides you with the following benefits

  • Reboot and reconnect to the session
  • Send Alt+Ctrl+Delt command to the remote computer
  • Reboot the system in safe mode
  • Allows the customer to switch user profiles without locking you out
  • Install and run other applications with administrator level privileges


  • Once the technician console opens up, go to Settings > Run As Service.
  • Now a prompt will open up at both ends. The customer or the technician can enter the remote computer's credentials.

  • If there is a delay in entering the credentials, the following prompt will open up.

  • Click Try With UAC. Now the customer has to enter the credentials in the UAC dialog.The screen will be paused until he/she enters the computer credentials.


  • In certain Windows OSs, the domain may not get listed in the drop-down menu given beside the Username field. In such cases enter the domain or computer name along with the username in the below format to enable Run As Service.


           For eg : Zylker\Malcolm

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