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This section explains the multiple options provided by Zoho Assist to invite your customer to a remote support session. Once you start the session, you'll see the Technician Console as shown below.

                                                       Invite Customer - Active X


                                                       Invite Customer - HTML 5


                                                       Invite Customer - iOS


                                                       Invite Customer - Android Device


Zoho Assist provides the following three options/ways to invite your customer:

  • Guide to web page - Guide your customer to and ask him/her to enter the Session ID.
  • Email invitation - Enter your customer's email address in the box provided and click 'Invite' button.
  • Send link - Copy the invitation link given in the Technician Console and send the link to your customer through IM/Chat.

As you can see in the above the screenshot, you can choose any one of the option depending on your preference or need. To know how your customer joins a session with any of the above mentioned invite options and the steps he need to follow, move on to the next section.

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