Customer Console


This section explains the functionalities of the Customer Console. Customer Console is a run-time application which runs on your customer's computer once the session starts.

The functionalities are:

  • Stop/Start Sharing
  • Chat
  • Swap Screen
  • Annotate

Customer Console - Mac

Customer Console - Windows

Stop/Start Sharing

Once the session starts, the technician can control the remote computer. If your customer wants to pause screen sharing, he can click 'Stop Sharing' tab and it toggles to 'Start Sharing'. It sends out a message to the Technician saying that the customer has paused sharing his/her screen. The customer can resume screen sharing by clicking 'Start Sharing.'


The customer can interact with you using the chat window built in to the Console. You may guide or inform your customer on any installation process or troubleshooting, through chat.


The chat will be visible to your customer only after he or she joins the session.

Swap Screen

You can reverse the Screen Sharing with this feature. It helps the customer to view your screen using which you can demonstrate any installation or usage of a software. If necessary,  you can provide training on any process using this feature.


Annotate allows you to mark up and highlight the remote user’s screen while in a screen sharing or remote support session. This feature provides both the customer and the technician with a drawing tool, a text tool, a rectangular drawing tool, an eraser and a clear screen option.


Annotate is available only on Windows.

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