Add Free Remote Support to your Website!

Now you can add the power of remote support to your website or blog for free using Zoho Assist widget. You and your Technicians can conduct remote support session to your clients right from your website itself.

Just paste this code on your site and make supporting better and easy.

Users visiting your page can also start remote support(Zoho Assist) session just by clicking on the button. Within seconds our powerful web-based Technician Console will be opened and he can invite anyone. Connect easily, view and take control of the remote computer, troubleshoot the problems etc., Want to see how this looks and works? Have a look at our sample page.

Tit-Bits of Support Widget!

  • No login authentication required. Start session with a click!
  • No more downloads or installation needed. Completely browser-based Technician Console!
  • Get rid of configuration hassles. Just copy/pasting works well!
  • It's completely FREE of cost!

What benefits do I get by adding this widget?

  • Support your remote clients right from your website
  • Give your visitors a free remote support service
  • Demonstrate your product in remote customer's computer

How do I customize the widget?

Here we give you the options to customize the colors of the button and its text so that it perfectly fits your web page design.

  • Customize the button color using the key code 'btn_color' with the color value you want to configure. For example, to change the button color to gray, add the query string '?btn_color=gray' to iframe src.
  • Change the button text color just by adding 'btn_text_color' with color value i.e., '?btn_text_color=white' to iframe src
  • To change both button and button text colors, combine the above two with '&' added in between, which looks like '/'