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All customers seek quick resolutions to their problems. It would be possible only if customers are provided with easy options to get connected to the remote support session without any complex installations and connection hassles.

Zoho Assist takes you straight to the troubleshooting part, with its easy options to invite your customer to join the support session. You are done with the process of making a successful connection in a couple of minutes. Every session is assigned with a unique session-id. It will be displayed to you once you start the session. Once the session gets started, you can invite your customers with three options.

1. Invite by email: You can send an email invitation to your customer from the viewer window.

Invite by email

2. Invite with Session Link (windows only): You can copy the session link by clicking on the 'copy invitation' button from the viewer window and send it to your customer through any chat/IM or any email.

Invite with session link

3. Invite with Session ID: You can provide the session id to your customer over a phone conversation and you can guide him/her to join the support session by accessting join.zoho.com in the browser, where the session id can be entered.

Please note that the customer will join the session once the auto-installation of the light-weight agent (a small application to connect to the session) gets completed. It will take only a few minutes and completely secured. The agent will automatically connect the customer to the session. Thus, Zoho Assist provides an easy way to get connected in any situation. None of the above require you or your clients to mess with any network configuration settings.

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