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Zoho Assist

Provide on-demand remote support to your customers instantly, or access your remote computers in Unattended mode. Zoho Assist is a web-based solution, crafted for SMBs, that works on all major OS, inside or outside LAN. Visit:zoho.com/assist

Experience faster and smoother Remote Support

With the highly improved quality and connection speed of Zoho Assist, you can now connect and control your customer’s computer much easier and faster, regardless...

Zoho Assist 1 min read

Offer Remote Support from your Chromebook

While we’ve been constantly adding new services to Google Apps Marketplace, we’ve also been stocking up the Chrome Web Store. Today we are glad to...

General , Zoho Assist 1 min read

New Desktop Plugin for Zoho Assist!

Zoho Assist was initially dependent on Zoho Meeting to start a remote session from the desktop. Now, with it’s own new and sleek desktop plugin,...

Zoho Assist 1 min read

UAC Support in Zoho Assist

We are delighted to announce User Account Control (UAC) support in Zoho Assist, our easy and effective remote support app. UAC support will be of...

Zoho Assist 1 min read

Faster and smoother connection process for Remote Support

A few weeks back, I had a personal remote support experience with my dad, more specifically helping him out with transliteration in gmail by showing...

General , Zoho Assist 2 min read

Embed Remote Support widget on your web site for a better customer experience

Rarely will people go through with sensitive transactions and interactions, if they do not feel comfortable and secure about it, because….. …..most times it turns...

General , Zoho Assist 2 min read

Remote Support diaries: Solving the "round and round" problem

I thought I’ll share with you a recent amusing and interesting remote support experience. It involved helping Juan, a friend of mine in UK and...

General , Zoho Assist , Zoho Meeting 3 min read

Instant PC Diagnostics with Remote Support

Did you know that using Remote Support with Zoho Assist, you can now get comprehensive diagnostic information about a remote PC in just a click?...

General , Zoho Assist , Zoho Meeting 4 min read