Application sharing

Application Sharing is a screen-sharing feature that helps technicians access an end user's device and applications, while empowering the end user to limit and control the technician's level of access. With Zoho Assist, the application-sharing process is not only seamless, but highly secure.

Application sharing


  • Ather energy
  • Scania
  • FedEx
  • Usha
  • Hexaware

Easy, effective, and secure

Application sharing gives end users the power to limit a technician's access to their device. They can choose to share an entire window, or only a specific window or application, based on the level of technical support required. End users control the windows/applications shared from a simple select-and-click window before the session begins, so the entire flow of the session is guided by their preferences.

Application sharing is enabled by default, and can be easily disabled at any time.

When enabled, the technician won't be able to switch to a new window or application unless they're given access by the end user. If they attempt to switch, they'll lose access to the remote device.

Screen share a specific application window - Zoho Assist

How to enable/disable application sharing:

  • 01Log in to Zoho Assist
  • 02Go to > Settings > General > Preferences
  • 03Enable/Disable the Application Sharing feature from the Enable Application Sharing option.

Enhance your remote support experience with application sharing.

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