Additional storage add-on

We are all aware that Assist already offers 5GB of cloud storage space to store all remote sessions in the cloud securely, we’ve decided to enhance this feature by including the ability to purchase additional cloud storage when required. Now Assist will let you store all your sessions and related events without deleting any files when you run out of storage space.

How do you purchase additional storage space?

Assist has an easy process via which you can buy cloud storage based on your business requirements. If you’re in the enterprise edition of Assist, you can navigate to the Subscriptions option available under the Settings menu. Go with the Add Storage option to purchase additional cloud storage.

Storage add-on and VoIP-based phone calls Storage add-on and VoIP-based phone calls    

Key benefits of additional cloud storage


Session Storage

With this additional storage add-on, you can now store any number of remote support sessions. No more deleting sessions or restrictions on storage space.


Import Session Logs

Session reports or logs can be quickly imported in multiple formats from cloud storage for audit, administrative, and referential purposes, whenever required.

Cloud storage pricing

Additional Storage (in GB)MonthlyYearly
For every additional 5GB cloud storage$4$48

VoIP-based phone calls

Effective communication during a remote session ensures quick troubleshooting and smooth internal operations. Assist provides you with high-quality communication services via our VoIP-based phone call feature at affordable prices. This enhancement offers box1 call credits to help you communicate with your customers across the globe.

Purchasing additional call credits

The Enterprise edition of Assist offers five call credits for placing phone calls by default. If you require additional call credits to communicate with your customers, you can open the Subscription page by selecting the Subscription option under the Settings menu. Click the Add Credits option to purchase phone credits for any upcoming remote support sessions.

Zoho Learn Storage add-on and VoIP-based phone calls Storage add-on and VoIP-based phone calls      

Additional call credits pricing


Choose Country
Following are the charges to make calls to a number that belongs to Uruguay.
Call ratesLandlineMobile
Additional charges

1 Call Credit -$1