Remote Support Software

Empower your business with remote support.

  • Simply connect

    Invite your customers to a remote session through email, website, or custom link. Joining is straight-forward that even a novice user will find it easy.

  • Anytime access

    Install the Unattended client on your remote customer's computer and access it whenever you need to. This gives you the ease to work when you want without disturbing your customer.

  • Easy file transfer

    Send files to your remote customer's computer quickly. It can be helpful in installing updates or patches. You can also receive files at the same time. File type or extension doesn't matter.

  • Customer widget

    Get your customer widget code and paste it on your website or blog. It's a simple HTML snippet that enables your customers to enter the session ID and connect to the remote support session.

  • Reboot and reconnect

    Reboot the remote computer with a single click and reconnect to the session without losing control. You can also restart the computer in Safe mode for troubleshooting.

  • Multiple Monitor Support

    Navigate between two or more number of monitors connected to the remote computer. Zoho Assist automatically detects the active monitor and transfers remote control.

  • William Goveia, Indiana Limestone, Ind.

    "It's snowing like mad where I am, and Zoho saved me a 90 minute round trip to reboot some resources. Thank you!"

Access remote computers. Anytime, anywhere.