The most elegant and efficient annotation tool

The Zoho Annotator browser plugin helps to add contextual comments on the web pages you review and save the changes as an image.

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Why Zoho Annotator?

It lets you illustrate your thoughts on web pages without leaving your browser. It allows you to spend more time reviewing and less time formatting the comments.

  • No downloading
  • No third-party apps
  • No hassle

Start with a snap

  • Capture the full, visible area, or a selected part of a page, then add annotations on top of the image.
  • To capture interfaces that appear only after clicking a link or button, click the Timer button from the menu.
  • Click Desktop Screen from the menu to capture your entire desktop screen or an application window.

Highlight the errors

  • Use Zoho Annotator's square and circle shapes to highlight areas for comment.
  • If you're inclined to draw, use the freehand drawing tool to circle those areas.
  • Pick a highlighter pen in your favorite color to mark content that needs attention.

Be a critic

Write comments next to the highlighted area or use tagging tools to leave specific notes in any of your communication apps for additional detail in your critique.

Hide unwanted

Blur or smudge sensitive or confidential data while maintaining the rest of the image.

It's not just
for web pages

You can also use Zoho Annotator to add contextual comments to design mockups, infographics, or diagrams. Just click "Upload Image to Annotate..." from the menu, and start annotating.