Powerful insights to help you transform your business

The Zoho Analytics Platform provides BI and Analytics solutions which allow you to create interactive dashboards and visualizations, to help you understand your data better and make business decisions quickly.


Get actionable insights from your data

Seamlessly integrate and visually analyse data from different business domains

Click to view live dashboardSales Performance
Click to view live dashboardCampaigns and Emails Analytics Dashboard
Click to view live dashboardFinancial Health Dashboard
Click to view live dashboardJob Openings Dashboard
Click to view live dashboardUnified IT dashboard
Click to view live dashboardBusiness Services Dashboard

Embed ready-made reports directly in your application, product and service

Easily embed interactive and personalized reports and dashboards and make informed decisions

Why Zoho Analytics Platform?

  • Easy to use

  • Powerful visualizations

  • Immediate ROI