White Label Reporting Solutions for ISVs, OEMs and Others

Zoho Analytics offers extensively customizable white label solutions. The white label solution can be plugged in seamlessly into any product, or can also be offered as a standalone solution. Independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), consultants, solution providers and anyone who want to offer their own branded reporting tool for their clients, can take advantage of our white label solutions.

Benefits of Zoho Analytics White Label Solution

  • Fully featured reporting / BI tool
  • Fast implementation
  • Seamless integration within your product/service
  • Customizable logo, login page, URL (from your own website)
  • Single sign on (use your own authentication system) option
  • In-built collaboration with fine-grained access control
  • Embedded reporting (ready made reports)
  • Self-service / Pervasive BI for your users

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