Systematix Uses Zoho Analytics

Sachin GadiaDirector,  Customer Experience 

We chose Zoho Analytics after seeing the way it seamlessly integrated with Zoho Projects. The auto-generated reports were great and provided us with insights that we had never thought of.


Established in 2005, Systematix Infotech is a leader in providing end-to-end digital services. They specialize in web design and development, digital marketing, and mobile app development. The team’s ability to innovate solutions has helped them attract globally well-known brands as their customers.


We were using an à la carte system comprised of several custom-built apps for project management. After trying out several project management tools, we opted for Zoho Projects. Soon, we realized that the analytics offered inside Zoho Projects wasn't enough. We needed in-depth analytics to get better visibility into our project activity. We wanted to know the productivity of every employee, the time taken for each project, number, and type of bug produced, analyze timesheets and billable hours per employee, and do much more.

Systematix needed a BI solution that would give them powerful insights into their project activity and help them measure and track essential metrics. The team needed critical insights that Zoho Projects couldn’t offer, like tracking bugs, measuring productivity, and analyzing timesheets. At the same time, the team was looking for a product that would integrate well with Zoho Projects. Solution


Solution Highlight


Find a reporting tool that scales well and will report on big data (over 100 million rows)

The reporting tool should be user-friendly

The reporting tool should reach as many end users as possible


A reporting solution that handles over 100 million rows with acceptable latency

The solution being web-based, is accessible by end users anytime, anywhere

The solution is user-friendly and reaches more end users than before


We chose Zoho Analytics after seeing the way it seamlessly integrated with Zoho Projects. The auto-generated reports were great and provided us with insights that we had never thought of. We also created customized reports which helped us understand the gaps, track the number and types of bugs filed, measure productivity per person or team, and monitor progress easily."

Since deciding to try Zoho Analytics, they haven't looked back. Its auto-generated reports helped them uncover rich insights which they otherwise would never have gained. They went on to create customized reports to track key project metrics such as bug tracking, productivity, and task progress. 


Zoho Analytics has given us a completely different perspective on the way we operate. It's definitely helping us make critical business decisions—it enables us to take actions immediately. Our estimates of time saved because of implementing Zoho Analytics is 30%. The insights helped us understand the problems and get the work done quickly. The charts are beautiful and we can share them easily with our team to help everyone understand the issues involved. This has ensured transparency within the company.

Zoho Analytics helped them figure out their employee and team productivity, track work progress, and analyze timesheets and billing, all in one application. They saved productive time and were able to take actions quicker than ever before. The Systematix team also gained a fresh perspective on their entire process. With the right figures in hand, they were able to make critical business decisions with confidence and the results spoke for themselves.  The team loved the visual appeal of the reports and the ease with which they could be shared. They then distributed relevant reports within the organization, which not only improved productivity but also ensured transparency was consistent throughout the process.

Benefits & Results

  • Systematix completely replaced their à la carte system
  • Seamless integration with Zoho Projects enabled deeper project analytics
  • Zoho Analytics helped them save time by 30%
  • Systematix were able to get a big picture view of all their activity, all in one place
  • Systematix easily shared reports throughout their organization