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Zoho Analytics Review by Jen Underwood

Zoho Analytics is a low cost, cloud business intelligence solution that can be up and running in minutes. It is simple for non-technical personas yet deep enough for true technical pros to deliver enterprise-wide solutions.

Read more: Jen Underwood, Mar 19, 2018

Zoho Analytics Review by Butler Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cloud based BI service that compares well with many prominent BI platforms. It comes with a rich visual environment, interfaces to a large number of data sources and applications, strong embedding functionality, and functional extensibility.

Read more: Butler Analytics, Nov 04, 2017

Zoho Analytics Review by PC Mag

In the self-service BI space, Zoho Analytics is blessed with both a nice price and exceptional ease of use. This makes it a good choice for budget-conscious shoppers and for those occasional users who might get frustrated with the steeper learning curves associated with some other self-service BI tools, including Tableau Desktop.

Like the rest of the extensive Zoho product line, self-service business intelligence (BI) tool Zoho Analytics is almost completely cloud-based. Zoho Analytics begins at $140 per month for the first user, with additional users costing $8 per user per month (for the Professional Plus plan).

Read more: PC Mag, Sep 30, 2015

Zoho Analytics Review by GetApp

Zoho Analytics provides both small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises with cost-effective, flexible data analysis software. The software fills the gap in the market between general-purpose tools, such as Microsoft Excel, and expensive enterprise-level business intelligence software, like Cognos. It combines visual analysis, the ability to collaborate and native integration to allow you to make the most of your data.

Zoho Analytics has an intuitive user interface and needs no specialist training to use, so you’ll be seeing results from day one.

Read more: GetApp, Dec 10, 2013

Jane Vs. Tierney: Jane's Review Of Zoho Analytics

Overall my experience with Zoho Analytics has been very positive. The ease of setup, importing of data and integration with third party apps like Google Spreadsheets made it easy for me to concentrate on thinking about my data instead of focusing on getting the application to work.

I was able to make a great dashboard that shows me my important metrics, and lets me dig deeper when I need to.

Read more: TechSoup Canada, Jul 31, 2013

ManageEngine Links MSP Center Plus to Zoho Analytics

ManageEngine is trying to do two things with its MSP Center Plus Upgrade: churn out more detailed reports, and save MSPs the several hours per week they're currently spending just setting up reports. The MSP Center Plus will now automatically push an MSP's data into Zoho Analytics, which is a cloud-based data capturing solution. Zoho Analytics then churns out reports that Sabhlok says are easy to pull analysis from. That analysis can then be published into dashboards for customers.

"The goal is to get the hidden nuggets within the data and then report on that," said Sabhlok, who noted that the upgrade is not only for MSP end-users; it's also for MSPs themselves. Zoho Analytics can be used both internally and externally. Now that MSPs will have their data in an analytics tool, they can use the data to evaluate and assess their own businesses.

Read more: MSPmentor, Jan 25, 2012

Zoho helps ManageEngine with Cloud Reporting, Business Intelligence

The advanced reporting capabilities most significant to MSP Center Plus users include what the companies call an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface that supports drag-and-drop report and dashboard building. Users also have immediate access to 60 preconfigured performance reports and six preconfigured dashboard views.

Additionally, the entire database of MSP Center Plus is uploaded to Zoho Analytics, so users can create powerful, custom reports with SQL queries written in any database dialect or syntax. Users can also take advantage of standard relational modeling features like defining relationships between tables (using lookup columns), enforcing data integrity, auto-joining data across multiple tables, and auto-numbering.

Read more: Billing & OSS World, Jan 24, 2012

Supporting your B2B Business - Review of TeamSupport Customer Support Software

The company's integration with Zoho Analytics is very exciting to me. You can filter, sort, view and analyze support data using Zoho Analytics. I especially like the fact that TeamSupport automatically updates Zoho Analytics with latest data from TeamSupport including ticket data, portal logins, chat requests, and knowledge base traffic in real time. This means that you get information about your helpdesk performance in real time

Read more: GetApp.com, Jan 23, 2012

TeamSupport.com Boosts Business Intelligence with Zoho Analytics

TeamSupport.com, a provider of Web-based customer support and help desk software solutions, has added analytics powered by Zoho Analytics. Using the collaborative tools, TeamSupport clients can now filter, sort, view, and analyze their business data. A drag-and-drop interface helps users create dashboards, graphs and reports to share with all, or selected team members.

Once the integration is set up, TeamSupport automatically updates Zoho Analytics with ticket data, portal logins, chat requests, and knowledge base traffic, all in near real time.

Read more: destinationCRM.com, Jan 4, 2012

Tools Of The Day

Zoho Analytics - At the workplace, calling your IT department every time you need to create a comprehensive spreadsheet report from your data is an inconvenience as it slows things down. To rid yourself of this inconvenience, you should pay a visit to Zoho Analytics - an online tool that lets you easily create spreadsheet reports with a data you have.

Read more: Business Insider, Mar 15, 2011

Zoho Analytics Review by App Appeal

Zoho Analytics is a helpful tool for professionals and businesses. The numerous account options makes it easier for users to select a plan that suits their budget and offers the right level of access.

Through Zoho Analytics, business owners and individual professionals can compile, manage and review data easily.

Read more: App Appeal, Mar 11, 2011

Zoho adds reporting to Google Apps

Zoho Analytics is an analysis and reporting tool for information stored in XLS, CSV or HTML files, or pushed from hosted or on-premises applications.

What's new is single sign on via a Google Apps domain, and the ability to import data directly from a Google spreadsheet.

Reports can now be shared with users in the same Google Apps domain or via Google Contacts, or published to an iGoogle page.

Read more: iTWire, Mar 11, 2011

Zoho Analytics: Business Intelligence Made Simple

Creating a report is a piece of cake. Select the type of chart you want in the report and start adding fields by just dragging and dropping them in their respective axes. Zoho has included a small how to and a video to help you in the chart creation process. Options to edit the colors and text are available in this page. For creating filters, use the same drag and drop routine.

Read more: AppStorm, Feb 11, 2011

Zoho Analytics: Easily Work With Spreadsheets & Databases Online

Along with offering a wide range of reporting components and supporting Excel, CSV, and HTML files, the site offers a variety of useful features. Firstly it lets you drag items into place while creating a report. Support for visual analysis lets you graphically represent data for better communication. If you have somebody else working with you, you can use the site's collaboration feature to jointly work on the report.

Read more: MakeUseOf.com, Jan 24, 2011

Google Adwords Campaign Performance Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard analyzes how a Google Adwords account is performing at the campaigns level. It gives the monthly and daily trends of important performance indicators like Clicks, Conversions, Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), Impressions etc.

Read more: Dashboard Insight, Jan 14, 2011

Zoho Analytics: Get Business Class Reports On A Freelance Budget

You can upload any kind of tabular data to Zoho Analytics. It sports an easy to adopt 'spreadsheet-like' interface. And it offers a wide range of reporting components including a variety of charts, pivot tables, dashboards, tabular views etc.

Read more: Feedmyapp.com, Jan 5, 2011

Review: Zoho Analytics, Business Intelligence Software

Making reports in Zoho Analytics is fairly simple. After selecting a report type (charts, tables, views), the appropriate table can be clicked on and one or more columns used for generating a report. Different kinds of charts - bar, pie or line chart - are possible.

Read more: CloudTools.nl, Nov 15, 2010

BerryForms eSurvey 2.0 Released with Zoho Analytics Integration

The new eSurvey 2.0 update brings ... seamless integration with Zoho Analytics to build your Business Intelligence reports & charts in Real Time

Read more: BerryReview, Sep 6, 2010

Zoho Analytics steps out of beta with-pricing-model-and-new-features

Zoho Analytics is a compelling BI tool not only because it is web based but because it provides a plethora of features that many other applications don't provide.

Read more: TechCrunch, Dec 15, 2009

Increasing Business Intelligence Options for '10

Zoho Analytics helps businesses get better insight into their data with drag and drop reporting and analytics, the ability to push, fetch and query data from Oracle, SQL, Access and other databases in Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) sessions through 'high security' datacenters with redundancy, backup and continuity.

Read more: ZDNet, Dec 15, 2009

Zoho launches online database application Zoho DB

Designed for people who need to do serious data analysis

Read more: VentureBeat, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho DB Launches, Beats Google Docs to the Punch

The simplicity of this tool could make it a great way for non-experts to easily convert their spreadsheet-based data into a fully-fledged reporting database.

Read more: Mashable, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho Vs. Google (And Microsoft And Adobe)

Makes it easy to make charts, summary views, and table views.

Read more: GigaOm, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho adds database to online suite

Create complex relational reporting databases made up of several tables of information, and then query the data using visual query builders.

Read more: CNET Webware, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho Launches Zoho DB, Beats Others To The Game

The broad functions enable users to import .XLS, .CSV files and create reporting database from predefined templates.

Read more: Rev2.org, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho launches Zoho DB: Marches ahead of Google/Y! and Microsoft

[Microsoft] Excel-like ease-of-use experience and yet provides the complexity of databases.

Read more: pluGGd.in, Oct 4, 2007

Zoho launches an online database app

You can organize your data as if it were a spreadsheet, but run queries like you would with a database.

Read more: Download Squad, Oct 3, 2007

Zoho DB: Database Power In A Spreadsheet Interface

Dead simple drag-and-drop interface for creating charts and visual analysis tools.

Read more: Webmonkey, WIRED.com, Oct 3, 2007