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Visualize and analyze your data with dashboards. Create insightful KPI dashboards to track your key performance indicators. With our KPI dashboard tool, share the business dashboards you create with your colleagues for easier data analysis and collaboration.

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Track key performance indicators. Empower your business.

Make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot, summary and tabular views, and create insightful KPI reports and dashboards with our KPI software.

Easy-to-build dashboards

Combine multiple reports into tabbed dashboards, using a drag-and-drop designer. Insert images, formatted text, widgets, and web components in a flexible designer layout. Make it easier for your executives and users to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) effectively.

Custom background images

Image-based visualizations

Plot location data spread over custom image boundaries like basketball courts, city parking lots, roads etc. Include creative image visuals in your KPI dashboards to enhance visual appeal and readability.

Fine-grained access control

Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see and do with the dashboards you share. Avail fine-grained access control with specific options like read-only, read-write, report authoring, drill-down, export and much more.

Share reports and dashboards

Effective Collaboration

Start a contextual comment thread from inside your KPI dashboards and instantly collaborate with your peers. Add and annotate images, and see the entire comment history anytime, anywhere.

Publishing and embedding

Publish your KPI dashboards and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Embed reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs and applications for wider consumption.

Publishing and embedding

"Zoho Analytics enabled us to create KPIs with complex business logic built-in. It's easy enough but at the same time quite powerful for a marketer to use. Personally, it's my number one tool for reporting."

Louis-Dominic Parizeau

Director of Adviso


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Zoho Analytics received great feedback in BARC’s latest “BI Survey 21” report scoring an impressive 12 top rankings and 28 leading positions across 5 different peer groups.

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Dresner Advisory's Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

Zoho Analytics is rated as an overall leader in customer experience and vendor credibility and has a perfect recommend score.

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