Logo Rebranding

You as the Administrator of the Zoho Analytics account can replace the Zoho Analytics logo appearing on the Home page with your own logo using this option. You can also specify the URL of the page you want to visit when you click on the new logo.

Zoho Analytics also allows you to customize the 'Powered by Logo' that appears in the footer (of the report/dashboard) when you embed or export the report.

Logo Rebranding is supported only in the Premium and Enterprise plans of Zoho Analytics.

Uploading a New Logo

  • Log into Zoho Analytics and click the Settings link at the top right corner.
  • Select the Logo Rebranding tab.
  • Click Change Logo button to browse and upload your new logo. It is recommended that you upload a logo with the below dimensions.
    • Width - 170px
    • Height -25px

  • Enter the URL to be linked from within the logo in the Logo URL box. Clicking the logo will take the user to the specified URL.
  • In the Powered by "Logo" section, choose the option that you wish to display in the exported/embedded reports/dashboards (as shown below).

  •  Click Save.