Managing Data sources

Managing Data Sources

Zoho Analytics allows you to easily view and manage all the data sources setup in a Workspace from a single page. This enables you to keep track and manage all the sources from which the data has been imported in a Workspace.

To manage your data sources,

  • Open the Workspace for which you wish to view the data source.
  • Click the Data Sources button in the Explorer tab.

The Data Sources page will open listing all the sources from which data has been imported into that particular database.

The above example shows sample projects data imported from Teamwork Projects, attendance data imported from a web feed and resource allocation data from the local drive. As shown in the snapshot, this page will display the Data Source, Table Name in Zoho Analytics, the status, and the date of last import or synchronization, the next schedule and the option to re-fetch or sync the data.

Clicking the name of the data source will open thedata sources page of that particular data source. This will contain all the details of the import such as the source, file type, date when it was imported, synchronization status, last imported data, date of the next schedule, time of the next schedule, and schedule interval.

If you have imported your data from any other source except the Local Drive, you can also edit the setup or refetch your data from this screen. Please do note that the level of detailing in this page will differ based on the data source.

To refetch your data,

  • Click the Refetch Now link. This will fetch the entire data from the source.

To edit the setup,

  • Click the Edit Setup link.

  • Make the necessary changes in the Edit Setup/Schedule Import dialog that opens.
  • Click Save.

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