Relational Databases

Importing Data from Local/Hosted Relational Databases

Zoho Analytics allows you to import data from wide range of relational databases like MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, DB2, DB2 AS/400, SQLite, FireBird or any JDBC driver supported database that you have stores in the local intranet (behind the firewall) or the private cloud. You can also automate the import process to synchronize the data from your local /hosted database into Zoho Analytics at periodic interval.

To provides a hassle-free import experience, Zoho Analytics provides a lightweight independent utility called Zoho Databridge. This bridges your local source and Zoho Analytics server to fetch data from your data source. Zoho Databridge needs to be installed on your premises from where it can access your local source.

  • You can also import data from your Relational database using The Upload Tool.
  • However, we strongly recommend import using the Databridge as you can import data from Zoho Analytics user interface.
  • Databridge can also be monitored and managed for the Zoho Analytics user interface.

The following sections explain how to import data from the corresponding database. 

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