Group Nish Increases Productivity by 30% with Zoho Analytics


Group Nish is one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of Electromotion (Electrical and automation). Headquartered in India, Group Nish is now expanding its wings all over the globe.

The company provides turnkey solutions in areas such as Engineering, Services, Supply, and Installation for various companies around the world. However, true to their motto 'Instrumentation based, process driven', they specialize in the stream of Automation and Electrical Instrumentation.



15 hours/week 
Time Saved using Zoho Analytics

Projects Analytics


We were using Basecamp for Project Management and Excel for reporting.

Group Nish was looking for a comprehensive project management solution which will empower them with greater agility and deep insights at all stages. The existing tools, namely Basecamp and Excel, posed great challenges in achieving this.

"Zoho Analytics saves us 15 hours every week. With this amazing tool we are able to access, analyze, and draw insights from our data incredibly."
Khyati Desai, Head HR

Basecamp's capabilities towards project management were very shallow. Also, it offered limited reporting capabilities. Hence Group Nish had to use Excel for reporting. This integration was not real-time or automated, as Group Nish had to manually export data from Basecamp to Excel in routine. Excel being a spreadsheet tool the reports were static, offering limited analytical features for interactions and exploration.

Group Nish started looking out for an integrated solution that would give them a clear visibility on goal setting, be agile, and help them achieve high productivity using data driven analytics. That is when they came across Zoho.

To summarize, Group Nish was facing the following issues in terms of reporting:

  • Basecamp's project management and analytics were shallow
  • A stand-alone tool (Excel) had to be used for reporting and analysis
  • Data synchronization from Basecamp to Excel was a manual process. This was an error-prone and time-consuming, at best
  • Limited interaction and slicing capabilities in Excel reporting
  • Collaboration occurred via email, leading to document fragmentation
  • Real-time project analytics was non-existent


Group Nish first migrated from Basecamp to Zoho Projects. Zoho Projects has a rich set of project management features. It also allowed them to import all their data from Basecamp to Zoho Projects easily. Once they migrated from Basecamp, they signed up for a free trial of Zoho Analytics. They were so impressed by the capabilities of Zoho Analytics, that they switched over immediately.

We set up the Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics integration with Zoho Analytics. Within a matter of minutes, we had all our data imported into Zoho Analytics, and a bunch of extremely useful reports created over it. We have also set up the data synchronization option. This automates the import process and we have the latest data available for analysis all the time

Group Nish is now able to analyze and keep track of their key project metrics such as team performance, resources utilization, overdue milestones/tasks, monthly targets, project velocity, billable hours etc.

Zoho Analytics has given us the ability to track data any time. All that we now have to do is look at our dashboard and we have the numbers ready for us. Not just that, the analytical capabilities of Zoho Analytics allowed us to do ad-hoc analysis empowering us derive new insights on need.

Another major drawback with the tools that they were using was collaboration. With Excel, they had to mail the reports to the entire team on a weekly basis. This led to fragmentation of data. With Zoho Analytics all that they now do is share the reports to the group. Every member of the team was able to access and explore the reports live, anytime, anywhere. Also, the data gets updated seamlessly from Zoho Projects as changes occur. This not only enabled real time project analytics but also helped them maintain a single version of truth.

Group Nish has been using Zoho for project management and analytics from 2014. And, they've been a happy customer ever since.


  • Ability to plan, track and analyze their data from a single entity "Zoho"
  • Realtime projects analytics available at a moment's notice
  • In depth analysis of data through powerful slice and dice capability 
  • Tracking key project metrics made efficient and easy
  • Easy way to collaborate with colleagues
  • Single version of data and visualizations available for everyone
  • The team saves 15 hours a week
  • Productivity increased by 30%