Zoho Analytics saves 60% labor hours for Wingman Media

    60%Labor hours Saved
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"Zoho Analytics created a tremendous amount of value for the agency and takes our relationship with clients to the next level. The preparedness to integrate the data, build alluring visualizations, and its shrewdness have given us the ability to retain clients. The reporting is so substantial, so easy to do, and created stickiness for our business."

Steve Dubane
Founder & CEO, Wingman Media

About Wingman Media

Wingman Media is an award-winning media planning and buying agency based in Los Angeles who is listed in Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies 2022. They are growth marketing experts who help companies profitably scale their business by running highly responsive media campaigns that drive maximum return on ad spend.

Wingman Media leverages non-statistical consumer data to target and convert purchase-ready audiences across CTV, Digital Video, Social Media, Broadcast TV, Steaming Audio, Podcasts, and Radio. Services include media planning and buying, full funnel campaign analytics, and creative development.

Challenges: Need for end-to-end insights

Steve Dubane is the founder and CEO of Wingman Media. He was looking for better data visualization to help the internal team with finer strategic planning, and to help clients understand the impact of media campaigns. He also wanted a dynamic unified solution.

Wingman Media works with multiple clients in different domains. They had data coming in from multiple CRMs and other software like Dial800, PostgreSQL, Google Ads, Upshot, and Salesforce.

They were on the lookout for a BI tool that could be integrated with all their software. They assessed popular BI tools like Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Qlik but none met the companies needs.

Wingman Media was relying on Excel for reports. They had to build numerous charts but Excel was tardy and lacking variety. The charts were also restricted to limited formats.

Wingman Media wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable better data visualization
  • Derive in-depth insight  about the campaign's performance
  • Provide analysis on a campaign's metrics

"From a business perspective, we were looking for ways to use data visualization for better understanding of the impact of the campaigns and in-depth insight from the metrics of those campaigns. Excel was making it hard and time-consuming"

Steve Dubane
Founder & CEO, Wingman Media

Solution: Zoho Analytics

After evaluating BI tools like Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Qlik, Wingman Media decided that Zoho Analytics was the clear-cut choice. Zoho Analytics had everything they were looking for and pricing was one of the compelling factors.

Using Zoho Analytics's data connectivity options and built-in connector, data from PostgreSQL, Google Ads, HubSpot, and Salesforce were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics. The intuitive drag and drop interface enabled them to create charts in mere seconds.

Dubane was awed by the visual representation and precision of the data. The team was impressed with the Query Table feature as it enabled them to connect multiple tables and create charts. Adding to this, the geo-mapping feature fascinated clients.

Wingman Media uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: Weekly online and retail sales analysis, conversions over a specific month/year, the conversion journey (what time the conversion happened, action taken, when did the conversion happen, and much more)
  • Campaign analytics: Performance of each campaign, conversion rate, phone calls, web forms, app downloads, sales happening online vs retail, high-funnel and down-funnel metrics, and more
  • Financial analytics: Cost per lead, cost per sale, cost per call, cost per form fill, return on investment made from advertisements
  • Media analytics: Media spends, number of impressions in media campaigns, responses from these campaigns from web visits, all the way to a sale

"Zoho Analytics helped us cut back on labor hours by at least 60%. We are spending half as much time doing analysis than we did before. The insights generated have led to longer relationships with clients as it helped our clients understand the impact we are having on their businesses. Zoho Analytics has increased our revenue and created new revenue streams."

In addition to increasing productivity, Zoho Analytics gave Wingman Media distinct insight and effective data visualization that benefited both the internal team and client team.

Another key benefit Wingman Media achieved with Zoho Analytics is that it created stickiness in their business by helping them retain clients for a longer run.

Zoho Analytics had a high return on investment, too. It has helped Wingman Media to function better with their clients by helping them better understand a campaign's impact on their business.

The dashboards and reports are shared with 100+ users, including both internal teams and client teams globally.

Benefits & results

  • Wingman saved 60% of labor hours spent on reports using Zoho Analytics
  • Enabled better client relationships
  • Increased revenue and created new revenue streams