Tutorez monetizes insight generated using Zoho Analytics

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"We looked at Tableau and Power BI. Both were very complicated and costly. We wanted something that we will be able to handle, and didn’t want to hire a FTE specifically for analysis. And thanks to the free trial offered by Zoho Analytics, we got a hands-on experience. Also it's not expensive, so why would I look for something else?"

Alejandro Carbonell
Co-founder, Tutorez

About Tutorez

Tutorez, connects students with their tutors based on the subject, location, and schedule they need, and with a focus on their learning style. Their mission is to connect people and expand knowledge. With more than 1,200 tutors in eight countries, they have completed more than 18,000 hours of tutoring, helping more than 1,500 students learn more successfully. Through their platform, at least 350 tutors have completed tutorials in 60 different subjects from algebra and chemistry to piano and Mandarin.

Challenges: Simple BI

Alejandro Carbonell, co-founder of Tutorez, is also the director of innovation for the City of Knowledge Foundation, Panama, an accelerator and investor for start-ups.

Tutorez brings in data from multiple sources including AWS RDS, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics respectively. Since they generate lots of data from many systems, analyzing everything manually became a challenge.

Carbonell was using MS Excel and found it extremely difficult to blend and analyze data manually. He wanted to create reports and dashboards to analyze the performance of tutors and all of Tutorez's bookings in a birds eye view.

Tutorez needed a simple, self-service BI solution that would be easy to use and provide value for the money spent.


  • Import and blend data from from multiple sources
  • Get actionable insights through reports and dashboards
  • Provide collaborative analytics with user-based permissions

"We have lots of information in our databases. It is difficult to blend and analyze data from multiple sources using Microsoft Excel. So I was looking for a powerful BI solution. That's how I came across Zoho Analytics. I started with a free trial and I liked it."

Alejandro Carbonell
Co-founder, Tutorez

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Carbonell evaluated various BI solutions in the market, focusing on Tableau and Power BI but both were too complicated and costly. He would need to depend on a full-time resource to work with these tools, so Carbonell instead looked to something easy to use, leading Tutorez to Zoho Analytics.

He liked the simplicity of Zoho Analytics, how easy it was to create reports and dashboards, and collaboration features across multiple devices. Above all, Carbonell was interested because it's a self-service tool.

His main objective was to analyze the existing operational data, but Zoho Analytics' easy insight gave Carbonell more than he could wish for:Opportunities to monetize on the data, adding even more value.

Tutorez stored tutor data, student data, and sales data in AWS RDS. They also run online ads through Google and Facebook , and wanted to analyze their ROI. Connections brought in data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads, while API scripts were used to import data from AWS RDS into Zoho Analytics.

TutorEz benefits from easy analysis on the following:

  • Sales analytics: Including the best booking times every month, amount of hours per subject per tutor, monthly summary of how many hours were reserved, how many tutors are engaged versus available, and more.
  • Behavioural analytics: Including cohort analysis (grouping clients by first wins and analyzing how long they remain customers), trend analysis to identify peak seasons by region and subject, what types of students require tutor assistance, and more.
  • Ad analysis: Including clicks rate, conversions, ROI analysis.
  • Financial analysis: Including percentage of transactions via credit card versus bank transaction, payments to tutors, and more.

"The necessity of why we are using analytics changed after we started using Zoho Analytics. At first, we wanted to create dashboards for analyzing our operations. But now we have started monetizing the data we have. We have a heat map that shows, depending on the subject and country and month, what are the hottest hours to get a reservation. Now we can identify qualified leads for up-selling our services."

Features including auto-blended reports that are created while connecting an new app, built-in reports, data visualization options, look-up functions, and collaboration and interactive reports were all of great value for TutorEz. Carbonell also specially mentioned how helpful Zoho Analytics' customer support team has been, when needed.

In addition to end to end operational analytics, behavioural analytics helped TutorEz identify and invest in areas, regions, and seasons where ROI will be high, thereby monetizing through that insight. Their customer service teams are also able to identify qualified leads and target up-sells as a result of analysis.

With Zoho Analytics, TutorEz decreased their time spent doing analysis by 70%, freeing up resources to focus on more important business.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with 10+ users, including co-founders, investors and tutors across devices and available anytime, anywhere.

Benefits & results

  • Increase in overall productivity
  • Understanding of trends that otherwise would have been difficult
  • Clarity on online ad ROI and areas of investment
  • Enabled easy creation and collaboration of reports across multiple devices, on the go