Trade License Zone gets smarter with Zoho Analytics

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"We initially chose Zoho Analytics because of its integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books. Nowadays, however, we rely more on reports created in Zoho Analytics—not only for transaction or payment-related queries but also for understanding our overall business performance. It has made our business much smarter."

Junlie Dungog
Senior Accountant, TLZ

About Trade License Zone

Trade License Zone (TLZ), is the UAE’s fastest-growing business setup specialist, with a focus on transparency and service excellence. They're a one-stop shop for business setup in the UAE, assisting with every step of the process. In addition to providing business setup services, Trade License Zone offers a full suite of office solutions, including co-working space, dedicated fully furnished offices, meeting room facilities, reception management, and other startup-related services.

Challenges: Multiple business apps

TLZ is a customer-centric organization, which means they required a strong understanding of not only their customers, but market trends, regional trends, and much more. As the company grew, they realized that a BI solution was needed to achieve the level of insight that they required.

Junlie Dungog is the senior accountant at TLZ, handling finance and operations. He's also heavily involved in analyzing revenue numbers, ad campaign ROI, and sales performance.

The company had already been using Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, but Dungog wanted to integrate these two systems, in order to blend and analyze their data. His earlier tool, Microsoft Excel, was ill-equipped for such operations.

He needed a robust and versatile self-service BI platform that could integrate with their CRM and financial software to create visual representations of their data. A big challenge for him was to get complete insights on the relationship between their various marketing initiatives and actual sales closed.


Dungog wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend raw data from Zoho CRM and Zoho Books
  • Get actionable sales insights through reports and dashboards
  • Enable Collaboration with user-based permissions

"In CRM, I have the records of leads and prospects, and I have campaigns and information on how many opportunities were given to certain consultant. However, both the revenue and cost elements is in Zoho Books. I need a tool where I could mix the data set from these 2 separate applications to be able to generate the reports and analysis required."

Junlie Dungog
Senior Accountant, TLZ

Solution: Unified business analytics

As TLZ was already a customer of Zoho, they considered Zoho Analytics as an ideal solution, as it was a simple and powerful self-service BI tool. They were able to quickly bring in data from their CRM and Books system into Zoho Analytics.

The integration was quick and seamless, with Dungog finding features like automated queries, unified business analytics, and the ability to drill down and collaborate on the go, as well as flexible filtering and interactive visualizations, of great value.

TLZ uses Zoho Analytics to analyze, manage, and track their:

  • Sales analytics, including how many leads are coming in from various sources, how many closed leads, percentage of prospects that got closed, and much more.
  • P&L analytics, like the ROI of ad campaigns, cost per lead to conversion, cost per good lead, cost for a closed sale, and more

"A very important role of Zoho Analytics, other than reporting, is to be able to control duplicate payments. While getting a trading license for our customer, we have to make multiple payments to different government departments. At a minimum we pay different amounts to four departments. How do we ensure we don’t pay twice, as we deal with multiple transactions at a time? Zoho Analytics captures the sales and the payments we make to the departments with invoice numbers, checks if this particular transaction is made, and tells me if I've made a partial payment or if the payment has already been made or not."

Thanks to Zoho Analytics, Dungog was able to create a customized P&L analysis from Zoho Books, that he uses to compare the leads in Zoho CRM and subdivide the cost of a lead from various campaigns. This is possible only because of the unified data blending and integration capability of Zoho Analytics.

Another key role of Zoho Analytics is to control duplicate payments. Dungog pays to multiple government departments, and this platform tracks the invoice number of every transaction and alerts him if he makes a duplicate payment to the same department.

With Zoho Analytics, TLZ became more efficient and smarter in their day-to-day operations. Dungog points out that their efficiency increased by more than 10% since implementation.

TLZ shares their reports with over 10 users. These reports are consumed by top management, shareholders, and department heads.

Benefits & results

  • More than 10% increase in efficiency using Zoho Analytics
  • Enabled sales & finance analytics
  • Provided visibility on marketing ROI
  • Seamless collaboration.