Zoho Analytics helps Stark Medical deliver better service

    20%decrease in Inventory costs
    3Data Sources

"Data visualization in Zoho Analytics has enabled us to have a better understanding of our data. This in turn has enabled us to provide better service to our customers."

Greg Szabo
Operations Manager, Stark Medical

About Stark Medical

Stark Medical is an Australia-based medical equipment supply company with a mission statement to "Empower The Healer". The company simplifies its processes to create efficiencies in the health care supply chain. They source medical equipment directly from manufacturers, and supply them to health care professionals via ecommerce. Their website is designed for hassle-free order placement, backed by fast shipping.


Greg Szabo, operations manager at Stark Medical, wanted a more sophisticated way to visualize their data, as well as a tool that could be integrated with multiple applications without any hassle.

Previously, Szabo was using Unleashed Software to manage their inventory data. But he couldn't get the chart format he wanted, and he also wasn't able to customize the charts. In addition to that, Unleashed Software charged extra for analytics—so Greg started to explore other options.

As a medical equipment supply company, they had to maintain data from multiple sources. They wanted to analyze data from their online store in Shopify, inventory data stored in Unleashed Software, customer support tickets from Zoho Desk, and shipping data from Starshipit.

Since the majority of their suppliers were overseas, and the lead time was huge, they also wanted an algorithm that could forecast the inventory level based on historical data, to make sure they had enough stock ready.

The company tried Excel, but it was too tedious and consumed a lot of manual hours to prepare reports.

Stark Medical wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable customization to create desired reports
  • Integrate with multiple appswithout hassle
  • Enable slicing and dicing of data

"In Unleashed Software it's not easy to get data. I can't really customize the charts and it also charges extra for BI. Excel, on the other hand, just got too tedious and it was too much to handle."

Greg Szabo
Operations Manager, Stark Medical


Stark Medical was already a customer of Zoho One, which made Zoho Analytics an ideal solution.

Using Zoho Analytics's data connectivity options and built-in connectors, data from Zoho Desk and Shopify were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics—and data from Starshipit was bought in via Zoho Flow.

Data from Unleashed Software is downloaded and manually uploaded in Zoho Analytics, and the forecast model helps them maintain the right quantity of inventory stock level.

With Zoho Analytics, striking visualizations are created in mere seconds. Szabo also mentioned that dashboards, widgets, filters, and underlying data are his favorite features, since it enables him to show the data quickly.

Stark Medical uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Inventory analytics: To analyze inventory stock, allocate resources, and forecast future sales
  • Shipping analytics: To monitor the parcel tracking, shipping rates, and delivery performance.
  • Customer support analytics: To analyze the number of tickets coming in, open and closed tickets, and more

"Zoho Analytics has enabled us to have better customer relationships and helped us provide better service for our customers. We're now able to give proper estimates about delivery time to our customers."

The key benefit that Stark Medical achieved using Zoho Analytics is that inventory costs went down by 20%, and now they're able to manage their inventory more efficiently.

Zoho Analytics enables Stark Medical to prepare a wide variety of dashboards for various teams. Dashboards for shipping are now prepared and auto-updated with real-time data on a daily basis.

Benefits & results

  • Inventory costs went down by 20%
  • Substantial amount of time saved in creating reports
  • Enabled seamless integration with multiple applications
  • Created insightful reports and dashboards
  • Facilitates better client relationships