Spykar Lifestyles increased their productivity by 20% using Zoho Analytics

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    20%Increase in Productivity
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"With Zoho Analytics, we get precise insights on which store has the highest sales, and which styles are more preferred by our customers, by city and by state. We also have good visibility on the exact stock levels in each of the leading multi-branded stores across India on any typical day. These were not possible before."

Rupendra Nigam
Vice President of IT, Spykar Lifestyles

About Spykar Lifestyles

Established in 1992, Spykar Lifestyles, is India’s leading youth jeans brand. From what started as solely a men’s denim brand sold at various outlets, Spykar has expanded its portfolio to become a one stop shop for casual wear ensembles for both men and women—available across India at 250+ exclusive business outlets, 1200+ multi-brand outlets, large format stores, and e-commerce portals.

Challenges: Enormous amount of data, but no insights

Rupendra Nigam is the VP of Information Technology at Spykar Lifestyles. His primary responsibilities are to leverage the latest technologies for Spykar, implement an ERP, and create a centralized BI function.

The company has over 1,200 physical stores across India, ranging from multi-brand ones like Pantaloons and Big Bazaar, to its own exclusive outlets. In addition, they also sell apparel through online stores like Amazon, Myntra, and more.

They had a huge amount of data and were in need of a BI solution that could integrate data from multiple systems, and analyze and compare key metrics like sales and stock levels across all the stores. Above all, they wanted these insights to be in real time to help management make better decisions.

Their earlier tool, Microsoft Excel, did not meet these needs, as it could not handle the complex requirements and daunting tasks.

Spykar wanted a solution that could:

  • Analyze data received from multiple systems
  • Get insights into inventory and sales across stores
  • Enable on-demand analytics for all stakeholders
  • Enable collaboration on dashboards, with fine-tuned permissions

"We had no idea about the sales or the stock levels of our apparel in multi-branded physical stores, which led to a drop in our sales, or unavailability of our apparel at a critical time of huge demand. This is because the data we got from the stores were not analyzed effectively. We were not able to get analytics or comparisons in time."

Rupendra Nigam
Vice President of IT, Spykar Lifestyles

Solution: Real-time insights with Zoho Analytics

Rupendra and his team at Spykar evaluated leading BI solutions like Power BI and QlikView, based on factors like implementation time, integration and blending options with multiple applications, the possibility of getting real-time insights, and the cost of the solution—but they weren't satisfied.

It was then that they were introduced to Zoho Analytics through a partner Aarialife Technologies at a Zoho event. After a few days on a trial, they decided to implement Zoho Analytics as their preferred BI solution, through that Zoho Partner.

They integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX, their ERP system, and their in-house point of sales system into Zoho Analytics and got real-time insights within minutes. Features like real-time data sync, themed dashboards, and the ability to securely collaborate across multiple teams with user-based access were the things that most impressed the team.

The company uses Zoho Analytics for tracking:

  • Sales metrics: Monthly online sales, primary and secondary sales, which store sells the most on any typical day, revenue contributions from stores, customer brand preference by region, and more.
  • Inventory metrics: Current inventory with distributors and retailers, inventory levels by product and regions, overall stock levels of Spykar apparels in stores, etc.

"Zoho Analytics enabled us to track the sales and stock levels across 900-odd stores across India, at any given time. Now my direct sales team, indirect sales team, and G&A folks, are all able to see sales figures and stock values, along with payments received/due for any time range. We can now analyze in which area, state, city, store, each product is selling higher, and this enables us to send stock accordingly or give better discounts to the stores making the highest sales."

With Zoho Analytics, Spykar was able to analyze and track their sales performance and inventory levels, and identify profit-making stores and products by location, all in real time. This ensured stock availability and that they ran appropriate discounts and promotions, and optimized their entire sales operation to produce higher revenue.

The company can now slice and dice the data in every possible way, using Zoho Analytics. This previously took 7-8 hours of manual effort, and now takes just minutes, increasing nearly their team's productivity by nearly 20%. Zoho Analytics thus became their permanent centralized BI solution.

Insights were shared to management teams, partners, distributors, and retailers with user-based permissions, accessible anywhere, anytime, across all devices.

The reports and dashboards are now shared and collaborated on with 20+ key stakeholders and external vendors across India.

Benefits & results

  • 20% increase in team productivity
  • Enabled real-time tracking of inventory levels in stores across India
  • Enabled tracking of revenue contribution from stores and online sales
  • Established a centralized BI function for Spykar