Zoho Analytics enables end-to-end business analysis for Package Mate

    ~10%Increase in revenue
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"Zoho Analytics integration is very smooth. I found no hindrance while integrating other apps with Zoho Analytics."

Greg Szabo
Co-founder and Operations Manager, Package Mate

The company

Package Mate is an online business that supplies high-quality, specialized packaging material for all types of packaging needs. Their product range includes mailer boxes, void fillers, plastic wraps, corrugated envelopes, wine and beer travel boxes, and other general packaging supplies. They provide professional services to ecommerce businesses, small to large retailers, logistic companies, and the general public.

The challenge

Greg Szabo is the Co-founder and Operations Manager at Package Mate. He manages daily operations and wanted a BI tool that would help in end-to-end business analysis.

Though the company is based in Australia, a majority of the goods are imported from Europe. Since the shipping time is a major factor to account for, it was crucial for Greg to keep track of both fast- and slow-moving products in the warehouse, to stay ahead of any problems.

He also had to analyze his sales data—but that data was scattered across different applications. He was looking for a way to bring all the data into one place to get a broader and more in-depth understanding of his business.

Package Mate wanted a solution that could:

  • Integrate with multiple apps
  • Forecast product deliveries to the warehouse
  • Enable collaborative analysis

"The integration—backed with the prebuilt reports that Zoho Analytics provides—with Shopify, Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books, Facebook, and Google Ads were awesome. Our reports were created in no time. You don't have to spend hours to figure out what you want to see. To bring in data and visualize it as a chart, it just takes one click and you're good to go"

Greg Szabo
Co-founder and Operations Manager, Package Mate

The solution

Greg had previous experience with Zoho One. Since he has a background in Zoho products, he thought the Zoho suite would be the ideal choice to grow his business.

Package Mate's website and online shop are set up on Shopify, and their data comes from Shopify, as well. Zoho Analytics made it easy for Szabo, with its built-in connectors. He seamlessly integrated Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Facebook, Google Ads, and Zoho CRM, using respective connectors with Zoho Analytics.

Greg was awed by the prebuilt reports offered by Zoho Analytics, which saved him a ton of effort when creating reports.

From Zoho Books he analyzes his online sales data, and with Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory he analyzes the stock in the warehouse. Based on the stock levels, he creates campaigns to provide extra discounts on particular high-stock products.

Package Mate uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: To understand how the business performs in terms of sales and much more
  • Inventory analytics: To determine the right amount of stock to keep on-hand to fill demand, while avoiding spending too much on inventory storage
  • Product analytics: To analyze top-selling products and more
  • Financial analytics: To understand the financial strengths and weaknesses of the business

"Zoho Analytics enabled us to create forecasts with our data. Since 99% of the products are imported from Europe, shipping time is a major factor. It helped us to keep track of current stock levels for our six month sales target, so we could act in advance if we fell behind the target. Altogether, Zoho Analytics enabled us to finally run end-to-end business analysis."

The key benefit that Package Mate experienced using Zoho Analytics was an increase in purchases, and Greg is now able to track the difference between stock in hand and orders at any point of time. Revenue has increased approximately 10%.

Greg shares dashboards and reports with his overseas partner in Europe. According to Greg, Analytics' sharing option is very handy, since it's important for his overseas partner to have exact numbers.

Benefits & results

  • Around 10% increase in revenue
  • Created insightful reports and dashboards
  • Enabled Increased revenue and created new revenue streams
  • Identified slow moving stock
  • Collaborative analytics with multiple apps