NYC Navigator goes data-driven with  Zoho Analytics

    20%Productivity Increase

"Data visualization is important for any BI tool. It's great to present data in a way that is meaningful to the audience, helping them quickly grasp the content. That’s where Zoho Analytics is very strong. We now analyze our sales, operations, and finance using Zoho Analytics."

ED Levis
Head of IT, NYC Navigator

About NYC Navigator

NYC Navigator  is a relocation services company helping companies, their employees and their families from around the world move into the New York and Boston areas. As a "high touch" company providing area expertise and personal guidance throughout the relocation process, NYC Navigator recognizes that moves present unique challenges to individuals and families. Not just helping folks find a home, find a school for the kids, and settle into their new environment, NYC Navigator enables them to "recreate home". The company organizes events that help relocatees make friends and become part of their new community.

The Challenge: Data from multiple apps

Ed Levis is the head of IT at NYC Navigator. He's in charge of all IT-related work, including software applications, computers and phones, software development, project management, information security, and regulatory compliance.

With data stored across multiple systems, NYC Navigator was seeking a simple BI solution that could integrate, blend, and analyze data from disparate sources. They needed an analytics tool that would save time doing analysis, extend reporting capabilities, and enable them to present meaningful insights to management and colleagues.

NYC Navigator wanted a solution that could:

  • Import data received from multiple systems
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards for analysis
  • Enable secure sharing of reports with user-based permissions

"We provide relocation services for our clients. Management wants to ensure that relocations are conducted properly, clients and relocatees get the highest service levels. Management needs insight into our company's operations, customer demographics, revenue and profitability."

Ed Levis
Head of IT, NYC Navigator

The Solution: Zoho Analytics

NYC Navigator runs on Zoho One. They were using Zoho CRM and hired The Workflow Academy, a Zoho Partner, to assist with training and extending Zoho's capabilities. In the process, NYC Navigator was introduced to Zoho Analytics. They created a time tracking program with Zoho Creator and used Analytics for reporting.

With Analytics, they used connectors to integrate data from Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, and QuickBooks into Zoho Analytics, to perform further data analysis and glean actionable insights.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in connector and data connectivity options, data from these apps is seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics for end-to-end analysis through auto-blending of data.

Features like easy integration with Zoho apps and third-party apps like QuickBooks, drag-and-drop functionality, striking visualizations, user-based permissions, visual interactions, and much more, enabled them to do advanced analysis with ease.

NYC Navigator uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analysis:  They can now closely watch important metrics like total revenue, number of moves, total relocations done monthly/yearly, price of relocation programs, customer segments vs revenue, and more.
  • Market Demographics:  Analytics provides insights into business volume by company, industry, domestic vs international moves, destination, and services provided.
  • Timesheet analysis:  They now track hours worked, billable vs non-billable time, and hours authorised vs hours worked on each relocation.
  • Workload balancing:  They can now track the number of relocations and authorized hours per team member so relocations can be properly distributed.
  • Financial analysis:  They can now use Analytics as a supplement to QuickBooks for tracking KPIs like revenue, P&L, cash flow, liabilities, and more.

"At NYC Navigator, we strive to ensure our clients and relocatees receive an outstanding relocation experience. Our expertise of the New York and Boston areas, the “high touch” services we provide, our commitment to making the relocation process as smooth as possible, the international experience of our team, combined with the insights provided by Zoho Analytics make NYC Navigator the top relocation services company in our area. Zoho Analytics is an important component to our success. It provides us with valuable insights about our customer demographics, relocation volume and trends, revenue and profitability. It enables us to track the time worked on each relocation relative to the time authorized by our clients. Zoho Analytics helps us perform workload balancing and assignment by expertise to ensure that clients and relocatees get the best service possible."

With Zoho Analytics, Levis' team now generates reports and dashboards in minutes, when they used to take them hours, increasing their productivity by more than 20%—which is now being spent in core areas of business.

Their reports and dashboards are shared with 10+ key stakeholders and managers, with user-based permissions and accessibility anywhere, at any time, across all devices.

Benefits & results

  • 20% increase in overall productivity
  • Clarity on project status at any given time
  • Enabled workload balance for employees
  • Enabled employees to be more organized and productive.