NetXL sees huge jump in sales efficiency with Zoho Analytics

    80%time spent on data analytics reduced

"We chose Zoho Analytics because it's live, up to date, and accurate. We are in a high volume business that fluctuates daily, so real-time insight is a must for us. Zoho Analytics gives us an instant snapshot of our sales performance and also helps us understand customer-preferred brands, market trends, seasonal trends, and sudden order spikes."

Oliver Hope
CFO, NetXL and

About NetXL

NetXL, are experts in network technology, IT infrastructure, and wireless solutions. They supply everything from business grade WiFi routers and PoE switches to IP CCTV and award-winning IP phone brands for business and trade. They are one of the largest UK distributors, retailers, and wholesalers for network hardware products, specifically for brands such as Ubiquiti and Poynting, as well as many others. With an eight-figure turnover and an exponential growth of 50% year over year, they are leaders in their business. Their business mantra is to provide competitive pricing, excellent customer support, and timely delivery.

Challenges: BI solution to enable sales analytics

NetXL is a customer-centric organization. This requires a strong understanding of not only their customers, but market trends, regional trends, and much more. As the company grew, the saw they really needed a BI solution to achieve this level of insight.

Oliver Hope is the Chief Financial Officer of NetXL, and,a cloud-based telecom service provider. Considering his role, Hope is heavily involved in increasing revenue numbers, pricing decisions, customer relations, and business development.

Previously, they used their CRM solution's built-in analytics for their sales needs. But as the company grew, data management and analysis became a challenge and Hope saw they needed a BI solution that would integrate with their in-house CRM to create visual data analytics.

Using data analysis, NetXL wanted to effectively:

  • Examine market trends
  • Identify customers' preferred brands
  • Understand seasonal spikes in customer demands
  • Achieve a bird's-eye view of their sales operations

A big challenge for Hope was blending data to get complete insight on their sales numbers. He was in need of a comprehensive picture that would show the performance of each of their the products from an individual and holistic perspective to help the team improve overall customer satisfaction.

NetXL wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend raw data from in-house their software applications
  • Give them actionable sales insight through reports and dashboards
  • Enable collaboration with user-based permissions.
NetXL sees huge jump in sales efficiency with Zoho Analytics

"We are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we supply and are committed to going the extra mile to understand our customer's business, office, and network needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. The customer is our number one priority. We needed a BI app that would show us our entire sales analytics data in dashboards and help us understand market trends."

Oliver Hope
CFO, NetXL and

Solution: Effective sales with Zoho Analytics

NetXL tried all leading BI solutions in the market but were not satisfied as they were either very cumbersome to integrate with their in-house software or required a BI expert to function the way they wanted.

They considered Zoho Analytics an ideal solution as it's a simple and powerful self-service BI tool. They were able to quickly bring in data from their internal CRM system through custom APIs and found the integration to be seamless. Hope especially finds features including the ability to drill down and collaborate on the go, as well as flexible filtering and interactive visualizations of great value. The ability to break complex data into simple reports with ease was key to build KPIs quickly and track them in real time.

NetXL uses Zoho Analytics to analyze, manage, and track the following:

  • Sales analytics: Including weekly order count, monthly order count, NetXL direct orders, total white labeled orders, and more.
  • Trend analytics: Including market trends, customer preferences, seasonal trends, regional trends, and more.
  • Operations analytics: Including sudden order spikes, order inventory reports, and more.

"Zoho Analytics enables real-time analysis. We have a screen in our offices that shows live reports updating every minute and orders coming in can be seen live. One of our priority customers, a hotel operator, ordered 2,000 units. It immediately spiked up in the graph on our screens and we were able to quickly stop other supplies to manage the order that was going out. Zoho Analytics shows us where the spike is coming from and allows us to drill into it to see specifics like brand, product type, delivery options, and more."

Thanks to Zoho Analytics, NetXL now has clarity on market trends, the brands their customers prefer regionally. It also enables NetXL with the right information at the right time, so they can identify sudden order spikes and manage inventory accordingly.

All complex data analysis that they previously did manually is now easily completed with ease using Zoho Analytics, giving NetXL an 80% reduction in employee time spent on data analysis and thereby increasing overall productivity.

NetXL has created more than 100+ reports and have a unique way of collaborating with employees. Besides sending reports to senior leaders and founders, they are displayed live on the screen in their offices where orders can be seen in real time.

Benefits & results

  • 80% reduction in time spent on data analysis, thereby increasing productivity
  • Enabled sales analytics
  • Accurate market trend predictions
  • Seamless collaboration