Market Dojo improves sales efficiency with Zoho Analytics

    2 daysper month Time Saved
    5%Increase in Revenue

"Zoho Analytics not only helps us save time in generating insight but also assists us in increasing our baseline revenues, spotting trends, finding potential customers, and identifying industries and regions that are profitable."

Alun Rafique
CEO and Co-Founder, Market Dojo

About Market Dojo

Market Dojo, is a UK-based SaaS software company built by procurement professionals. They were founded in 2010 with a vision to make e-auctions more accessible to a wider audience through pay-to-go solutions and enterprise plans. In the last 10 years, they have grown in size and capability with solutions that allows the streamlining of procurement to obtain real value and mitigate risk. They have customers around the globe including Logitech, Imperial Brands, and Aggreko.

Challenges: Need a easy to use BI tool

Alun Rafique, CEO and Co-Founder of Market Dojo, wanted to track the performance of his business but analysis had always been a challenge for Market Dojo.

They rely on Zoho Desk, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Projects across departments, but didn't have a central place to analyze the company at large.

Previously, they were using Microsoft Excel for BI but found it couldn't handle the complexity of their data coming in from various systems. This meant Rafique needed a BI tool that would easily integrate with the software they were already using to perform end-to-end departmental analytics and provide insight into market trends and beyond.

Market Dojo wanted a solution to:

  • Integrate and blend data from multiple sources
  • Analyze key data to create insightful reports and dashboards
  • Enable secure report sharing with user-based permissions
Market Dojo improves sales efficiency with Zoho Analytics

"We wanted a simple, cost-effective BI solution that could analyze sales and support data to track and identify areas of improvement and define successful market strategies to increase the overall baseline of the company."

Alun Rafique
CEO and Co-Founder, Market Dojo

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Market Dojo already using Zoho CRM, Desk, Projects, and others, so naturally their search for a BI solution that integrated well resulted in Zoho Analytics.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in data connectivity options, Zoho CRM and Desk are seamlessly integrated for end-to-end business analysis through auto-blending of data.

The company uses Zoho Analytics across different departments for additional insight. The sales team uses it to analyze data from Zoho CRM, while the support team leverages it for data from Zoho Desk.

Rafique likes the simplicity of Zoho Analytics and is impressed by its integration capabilities. Its easy collaboration of reports and dashboards across the company impressed him too.

Market Dojo currently uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: Conversion trends, revenue trends, revenue split across customer size, sales from trade shows, industry-wise trends, and much more.
  • Support analytics: Tickets generated per day, tickets generated by various apps, ticket allocation report, average ticket age, time to resolution, response rates, monthly support performance, etc.

"We are using Zoho Analytics to understand the market trends, our customers, and efficiency of our marketing activities. An interesting insight we obtained from analysis is that 25% of our customers start with our enterprise plan while nearly 75% start with pay-to-go plans. Out of these pay-to-go customers, half of them are repeat customers and many will later become enterprise customers. We only understand this trend now after using Zoho Analytics."

Features like data visualization, aggregate formulas, SQL functions, look-up functions, speed in generating reports, and interactive reports were of great value to Market Dojo.

With Zoho Analytics, Market Dojo was able to save significant time in report generation and sharing—going down from nearly two days per month to minutes.

In terms of revenue, Zoho Analytics helped them spot market trends, analyze profitable marketing streams, and identify high-value customers and target them for higher plans, resulting in an increase of five percent in overall revenue.

Market Dojo have found themselves using Zoho Analytics reports all the time, from meetings for their board, operations, and various teams to the sales team's consistent reliance on Zoho Analytics on the go and in meetings around the office.

The dashboard they create with Zoho Analytics are shared with more than 20 users including senior management, board members, and sales and customer service teams across devices.

Benefits & results

  • Increased overall revenue by five percent.
  • Time saved: Analysis down from two days previously to just minutes.
  • Creation of insightful reports and dashboards.
  • Enabled easy collaboration and decision making with insight.