Zoho Analytics enables deep visibility into sponsors funding for JAAGO

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"Our main intent was to make data-driven decisions. We use Zoho CRM and Zoho Books and we wanted to precisely analyze every single data point from these apps. So we fell back on Zoho Analytics. The visualization with data precision is impeccable and we are extremely happy with the Zoho suite of products"

Korvi Rakshand
Founder, JAAGO Foundation

About JAAGO Foundation

JAAGO Foundation is an NGO providing an international-standard, English-medium education to impoverished children free-of-cost. Since its inception in 2007, JAAGO Foundation has grown from a humble one-roomed classroom with 17 students to an institution with 3,000 students in 12 branches located in 11 districts including remote schools equipped with online schooling facilities. JAAGO aims to bring about substantial improvement to the lives of disadvantaged people with a special emphasis on their literacy and nourishment.

Challenges: Inadequate data visibility

Korvi Rakshand, founder of JAAGO, did not have clear insights about the foundation's sponsors. As a nonprofit organization, JAAGO has funding coming in from different sources so it was important for them to maintain proper records, have clear insight, and to oversee the performance of their relationship managers.

Unlike other non-profit organizations, JAAGO followed a crowdfunding model. Though this model was common in the USA, UK, and Canada, the concept was a tad new to Bangladesh. Due to this unfamiliar model, Rakshand needed clear insight on JAAGO's finances which led him to Zoho Books.

The marketing team, on the other hand, needed to keep track of phone calls and emails sent to sponsors. Zoho CRM served this purpose well. With this, they were able to monitor their relationship managers' performance properly.

But when it came to reporting, JAAGO was dependent on Microsoft Excel. Generating reports in Excel was time consuming and tedious, and the reports were not accurate.

JAAGO Foundation wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable quick creation of accurate reports
  • Derive in-depth insights about sponsors from reports and dashboards
  • Provide analysis on user-based performance metrics

"We use Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. We not only wanted to make decisions driven by data from these apps, but also wanted to have detailed insights, which was not possible in Microsoft Excel."

Korvi Rakshand
Founder, JAAGO Foundation

Solution: Insights driven by Zoho Analytics

As Rakshand was not satisfied with the reports generated from Excel, he started his search for an advanced BI solution.

Since JAAGO was already a customer of Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, they chose Zoho Analytics for their in-depth analysis requirements. The company had data in multiple apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

With Zoho Analytics's built-in connector and data connectivity options, data from these apps were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics for end-to-end business analysis through data autoblending.

Rakshand was impressed with the visual representation and interaction of the data offered by Zoho Analytics. He found it more responsive and insightful because the more data he fed it, the more accurate the results were. He was also dazzled by the forecast feature.

Zoho Analytics enabled a factual depiction of their actual data bringing about new realizations.

JAAGO Foundation uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: Number of deals closed, value of each deal, status of the deal, time spent by relationship managers on each deal, and much more
  • Operational analytics: Performance of each relationship manager, year-over-year sponsors growth, and much more
  • Sponsor insight: To know the history of the sponsor's relation with the organization, new sponsors, and one-time donors
  • Financial analytics: Analyze and monitor the savings and expenses done on the donations.

"In terms of finance, it is very important to see how much money is coming in and where it is getting spent. We have a budget but sometimes the money goes away and if I ask for a report from Excel that takes like five days to generate and does not cover the accurate report because the data is changing every day. With Zoho Analytics, we can get clear, exact data, and customer insights."

The key benefit that JAAGO achieved using Zoho Analytics is a better understanding of their sponsors. Zoho Analytics gave them a clear picture of their long-term sponsors, and one-time sponsors.

JAAGO's marketing team also found Zoho Analytics to be beneficial, while their finance team spotted a window to increase revenue. Overall, JAAGO was able to increase its productivity by saving five days per month typically spent on data analysis.

Impressed by the results, they are planning to integrate Facebook analytics with Zoho Analytics.

The dashboards and reports are shared with over 10 users, including global heads of sales, finance, marketing, and corporate partnership teams.

Benefits & results

  • JAAGO saved five days per month after using Zoho Analytics
  • Enabled better insight into sponsors
  • Empowered marketing team to fine-tune their promotional activities
  • Seamless sharing of reports across the globe