Zoho Analytics enables massive time save for InTWO

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"Excel required a lot of manual work and consumed a lot of time. With Zoho Analytics, we were able to save a significant amount of time in preparing reports. These reports were easily comprehensible, too."

Ramakrishnan V
Support Head - Global Operation, InTWO

About InTWO

InTWO helps organizations achieve more with cloud technology. With over 25 years of experience, they're specialized in bringing the Azure cloud platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, a modern workplace, data and AI, and cybersecurity to six major industries: manufacturing, construction, real estate, retail, distribution, and professional services. They are one of the select global multi-tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) in the world, holding 10+ Microsoft Gold and Silver certifications and advanced specializations, like SQL Server and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Challenges: Indistinct reports and dashboards

Ramakrishnan V is Support Head - Global Operations at InTWO, and manages all the support functions at the company. He needed a clear-cut view on the team's performance, and precise data as readable reports to share with customers.

InTWO primarily handles implementation and support for Microsoft Dynamics. Earlier, the implementation team handled support, but as their customer base grew, they had to set up a separate support team to handle tickets.

Abiding by the support contract, they had to share the tickets' SLA information, trend reports, and time to first response reports with their customers. They also had to keep track of the age of the tickets, incidents logged, the performance of their support team, and much more.

InTWO was previously dependent on Microsoft Excel for this. It was a tedious task and required extensive manual work. The reports were also not easily comprehensible.

InTWO wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable quick creation of reports and dashboards
  • Get actionable insights through dashboards
  • Provide collaborative analysis on team performance

"Earlier, the reports were shared with the customer, but the data that was sent was not in a consumable format. So, as soon as I took over, I stopped those reports and started building them using Zoho Analytics, from scratch."

Ramakrishnan V
Support Head - Global Operations, InTWO

Solution: Zoho Analytics

InTWO began its quest for a support tool to handle their support tickets. They explored three different options before deciding on Zoho Desk. And once they started using Zoho Desk, adding Zoho Analytics was easy for them.

Since a Zoho Desk and Zoho Analytics integration comes bundled with handpicked, domain-specific prebuilt KPIs, hundreds of reports and dashboards, pretrained NLQ models, and smart data blending across business applications, they were able to pull the data into Zoho Analytics and create reports swiftly.

Ramakrishnan was impressed by the reports and the dashboards created using Zoho Analytics—they were easily comprehensible, and provided meaningful insights.

InTWO uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Performance analytics: To analyze team performance, tickets by agents, and much more.
  • KPI analytics: To analyze and track effectiveness and optimize performance
  • Ticket analytics: To analyze open vs closed tickets, age of tickets, monthly trends, number of support incidents by priority, and much more

"We were able to customize the reports based on our needs. Using the existing reports, we've prepared some customized dashboards. We were able to get better insights with these reports and dashboards and also prepare customer-specific reports."

The key benefit that InTWO achieved using Zoho Analytics is that they saved a massive amount of manual hours spent on creating reports, and are now able to prepare customer-specific reports in a consumable format.

Their dashboards and reports are now shared with many users through user-based permissions for key stakeholders and as PDFs for customers.

Benefits & results

  • Creation of insightful reports and dashboards
  • Seamless sharing of dashboards and reports
  • Reduced manual hours spent on reporting
  • Increased overall productivity