Zoho Analytics increases the productivity by 20% for In2In Global

    ~20% increase in productivity
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"Zoho Analytics is a good platform with a different flavor. It's very lightweight, the pricing is a compelling factor, and Zia is a cool feature. It saves a lot of time for new analytics."

Ajit Pund
Chief Operating Officer, In2In Global

About In2In Global

In2In Global Technology and Consulting is a worldwide global data transformation and analytics services company that helps generate actionable business insights from raw transactional data and information from their clients. Their technology-centric approach offers the user an automated platform, where they can input transactional data that's then transformed into relevant insights to make decisions. On the consulting side, they help customers with data extraction, consolidation, and validation, customizing workflows, and unearthing actionable information for improved decision-making.

The challenge:

Ajit Pund, COO at In2In Global, was looking for a BI tool with easy customization and striking visualizations that would wow their customers.

In2In, being an analytics consulting provider, was using Power BI and Tableau. They were switching between these two tools, depending on the customers' needs.

As their customer base grew, a substantial amount of discrete requests for reports, dashboards, and UI-based analytics started flowing in. Although they were using Power BI and Tableau, they were in need of an additional BI tool.

In2In wanted a solution that could:

  • Blend data and enable quick creation of reports
  • Provide actionable insights through dashboards
  • Enable collaborative analysis on the data

"If we compare Power BI with Tableau, there are some pros and cons. Both have some improvement areas. That is where Zoho Analytics came in, with a lot of cool features."

Ajit Pund
Chief Operating Officer, In2In Global

The solution:

Since they started getting discrete requests, In2In Global thought it would be best to add another BI tool to their BI suite.

In2In's analytical team did a lot of research and eventually suggested Zoho Analytics as an addition to their BI suite. Pricing was a compelling factor.

The analytical team was impressed by Analytics' API feature, since it saved them a lot of time and enabled them to seamlessly integrate with clients' business apps and create reports and dashboards swiftly.

The team was also particularly impressed by the data visualization and features offered by Zoho Analytics. Analytics' AI feature, Ask Zia, provided a wow factor at their client meetings.

"In general, companies can't make every customer 100% happy—but when it comes to saving time, if it's more that 70%, then it's good. I think Zoho Analytics has the capability to make any customer happy 70% of the time."

In2In Global uses Zoho Analytics for different purposes, depending on the customer requirement. It has enabled them to create customizable reports in whatever format their clients need.

The key benefit that In2In Global has experienced using Zoho Analytics is that it saved them lots of manual hours creating reports, charts, and dashboards. They also see Zoho Analytics as a great value for the money.

In2In Global's dashboards and reports are also shared with customers and clients via Analytic's robust user-based permissions.

Benefits & results

  • ~20% increase in productivity
  • Creates insightful reports and dashboards
  • Seamlessly integrates and shares reports and dashboards
  • Facilitates better client relationships