Helinox improves their overall efficiency with Zoho Analytics

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"Integrating Shopify with Zoho Analytics was easy and seamless. We were able to integrate them in a few clicks, and reports were generated within minutes."

He Wang
Europe Finance Manager, Helinox

About Helinox

Helinox, is a Korean brand specializing in high-end outdoor equipment and accessories. Headquartered in South Korea, the company has offices in Amsterdam and California, and manufacturing units in Vietnam and South Korea. Helinox products have won seven Red Dot Design Awards, two ISPO Awards, and an OutDoor Industry Award.

Challenges: Data from multiple sources

He Wang, the finance manager at Helinox Europe, is in charge of the company's finances, operations, business development, and analytics.

Helinox runs their online store on Shopify, and uses Zoho Finance Plus. Their main challenge was the need to customize, blend, and analyze financial data coming from Zoho Finance Plus and analyze sales data from Shopify.

Previously, they were doing all this analysis in Microsoft Excel, and it was time-consuming for Wang. He started looking for a BI solution that could cater to all these needs.

Helinox wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend data from multiple sources
  • Analyze key data to create insightful reports and dashboards
  • Enable secure report sharing with user-based permissions
Helinox improves their overall efficiency with Zoho Analytics

"We have Zoho Finance Plus, which is better for finance than analysis. A lot of features cannot be customized specifically for data analysis. We used to download data from Zoho Finance Plus, load it into Excel, compile all data into one sheet, and finally build reports. This took a lot of time."

He Wang
Europe Finance Manager, Helinox

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Since Helinox was using Zoho Finance Plus and Shopify, Wang wanted a simple, self-service BI solution that integrated with both—and his search led him to Zoho Analytics.

Helinox integrated Shopify and Zoho Finance Plus in just a few clicks and generated reports within minutes. The company's online sales happened on Shopify, and its integration with Zoho Analytics was critical for Wang. Through connectors, they were able to integrate Shopify in no time and bring data into Zoho Analytics easily.

Since implementing Zoho Analytics, they have gone on to generate a wide range of key reports, including:

  • Sales analytics: Sales by period and by product, percentage of returns, outcome of warranty benefits, and more.
  • Finance analytics: Revenue from different channels, revenue by country, top 10 revenue-generating products, profit margins, etc.
  • Agent metrics: Agent performance, benchmarking analysis, and more.

"We were able to use Zoho Analytics and that solved the problem we had with Microsoft Excel. For recurring reports, once Zoho Analytics is set up, data just flows in automatically. It's always up to date, saving us a lot of time. The visualizations are also very aesthetically pleasing."

These reports are shared with Helinox's global and regional leadership teams. All recurring reports are automated, and Wang saves more than 20% on labor hours using Zoho Analytics for report preparation.

Wang likes the appealing visualizations in Analytics, as well as features like pivot tables, connector availability, and the ability to generate unified reports using blended data from multiple apps.

Benefits & results

  • Saved more than 20% of total labor hours using Zoho Analytics
  • Clear-cut insights for management team
  • Enabled end-to-end business performance tracking
  • Easy sharing of dashboards across locations and devices.