Grupo Bons reduced its cost of sales by 30% with Zoho Analytics

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    30%Reduction in cost of sales
    10%Increase in ad conversion

"The ability to blend data, filter, and build so many KPIs with ease is a key aspect in Zoho Analytics. Its interactive charts are awesome. I can now select or unselect certain parameters to slice and dice the data for each line of my business, and show its performance to our partners."

- Gabriel Vázquez, Managing Director, Grupo Bons

About Grupo Bons

Grupo Bons, is a Mexican brand of hotels with three lines of business—hotels, restaurants, and event services—with 100+ people employed across multiple locations in Central Mexico. The company has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality business, and has conducted many social and business events in their time.

Challenges: Multiple sources, multiple types of data

Gabriel Vázquez is the Managing Director of Grupo Bons, and needed to track the performance of every facet of his hospitality business.

The company wanted to effectively:

  • manage future bookings for event venues
  • identify seasonal trends, and price hotel rooms and event venues accordingly
  • determine the ROI of their ad campaigns
  • increase the occupancy rate of their hotels

They use Zoho Books for financial transactions, Mongo DB for customer data, and Facebook for social media promotions.

A big challenge for Gabriel was to blend this data, and then analyze and gain insights from it. He was in need of an overall picture that would show the performance of all his businesses and help him charter the next set of strategies for his company.

Grupo Bons wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend raw data from multiple applications
  • Get actionable insights through reports and dashboards
  • Enable secure sharing of reports and dashboards with user-based permissions

Earlier they were using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, but they required continuous manual intervention and were very complex when it came to analyzing multiple data sets together.

Grupo Bons reduced its cost of sales by 30% with Zoho Analytics

"We wanted to analyze key KPIs for our hotel and event management business. We also spend a lot for social media ads and wanted to know its ROI, so that we can spend more wisely. On the other hand, we also want to know the occupancy rates of our hotels at any given point of time, so that we can price our rooms accordingly, and save on costs."

Gabriel Vázquez
Managing Director, Grupo Bons

Solution: Strategic insights through Zoho Analytics

Grupo Bons considered Zoho Analytics an ideal solution as they were using Zoho Books already. The integration between the two was quick and seamless, with built-in connectors and auto-blending options. They also blended data from Mongo DB and their Facebook Pages into Zoho Analytics, enabling unified business analytics.

Features like formula engine, flexible filtering, data blending, and interactive charts were found to be of great value. And the ability to build KPIs and track them in real time for all their lines of business were key.

"Zoho Analytics — when I first found it on the web, I didn’t use it much, but when I started to use it, I was amazed by its potential. It's one of the most go-to tools on the market when it comes to analytics. We use it to analyze our overall P&L results, occupancy rates of our hotels, project future events, develop key KPIs, and monitor them all on a daily basis. We are now backed with lots of valuable insights to define our future strategy."

Grupo Bons uses Zoho Analytics to analyze, manage, and track:

  • Hotel KPIs, including occupancy rates, average bookings for the month, average selling price for the month. and more.
  • Event venue KPIs, like how many events sold per day, total events held per quarter, average amount of sale per event, and daily and monthly sales.
  • Restaurant KPIs, like number of packed dinners per night, and top selling dinner packs
  • Social media, trends like likes, dislikes, and reviews.

For all three of their businesses, the end-to-end customer journey—from tracking the source of their clients, to understanding the traction from ads to sales conversion, to analyzing customer satisfaction data—were enabled using Zoho Analytics. This was critical in determining their future advertising budget, sales strategy, and customer service quality. With Zoho Analytics, their overall ad conversion rate increased by 10%.

Continous monitoring of customer buying trends and KPIs enabled the company to take preemptive action by judging their future demand and reduce unnecessary discounts for their hotel rooms and event venues. This had led to a 30% reduction in cost of sales.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with dozens of people, including their partners and all of their marketing and operational teams, to monitor their daily performance.

Benefits & results

  • 30% reduction in cost of sales
  • 10% increase in ad conversion
  • Enabled future strategic planning for business
  • Enabled end-to-end customer insights