Glide Invest improves their operational efficiency, using Zoho Analytics

    8+Data Sources
    10-12 hrs/weekTime Saved

"The best BI platform available on the market is Zoho Analytics, given its value for money, and integration with Zoho apps, Social Media app, Google Big Query and AWS. This made it easy for us to commit to this platform."

Jaideep Tibrewala
Head of Product, Glide Invest

About Glide Invest

Glide Invest, is a well-funded fintech startup sponsored by the Motilal Oswal Group, a large financial services institution based in India. The company focuses on online wealth management applications, with a goal of making investing stress free and easily accessible to people across India and across income brackets. Based out of Mumbai, it's one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the robo-advisory space in the country.

The challenge: Blending data

Glide Invest brings in data from multiple sources, like Postgres DBs on AWS, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Desk, Facebook and LinkedIn, and Google Big Query events from Firebase. Since these systems generate lots of data connecting and analyzing everything manually became a challenge.

The company was in need of a BI tool, as it found it extremely cumbersome to blend and analyze data manually. They wanted to create and automate reports and dashboards for customer metrics, operational metrics and transactional metrics for their business.

Glide Invest needed a simple, self-service BI solution that would be easy to use and provide value for the money spent.

Glide Invest wanted a solution that could:

  • Import data from multiple sources, daily and automatically
  • Give actionable insights through reports and dashboards
  • Provide collaborative access with user-based permissions
Glide Invest improves their operational efficiency, using Zoho Analytics

"At Glide, we bring in customers and advise them where to invest in mutual funds. For this, we look at data from multiple sources, to understand the market and customer trends, and improve the advice and service we give to our customers. We were in need of a BI tool that could blend data from multiple systems and bring insights out of it."

Jaideep Tibrewala
Head of Product, Glide Invest

The solution: Zoho Analytics

Jaideep Tibrewala is the Head of Product at Glide Invest. He handles new features within the product, product maturity, customer analytics, and operational activities.

Tibrewala had been exposed to business intelligence tools in his previous role, working with tools like Metabase and Qlik Sense. After moving to Glide Invest, he got an opportunity to work in the Zoho ecosystem. Though he was very comfortable using Metabase, he immediately liked Zoho Analytics due to its UI, ease of use, and flexibility.

He liked the simplicity of Zoho Analytics, how easy it was to create reports and dashboards, and its collaboration features across multiple devices. Above all, Tibrewala was interested because it's a self-service tool.

His main objective was to analyze data and get actionable insights, but Zoho Analytics' easy integration encouraged Tibrewala to integrate social media channels as well, to monetize the data.

Glide Invest stores transactional data in AWS Postgres, user data in a Zoho CRM, support data in Zoho Desk, and user behaviour data in Google Big Query. Glide Invest also uses Zoho Sprints to track all progress by the technical team on product development during the bi-weekly sprints.

The company benefits from easy analysis of:

  • Operational analytics:  Including customer onboarding report, how many customers signed up in the last 30 days, which customers are in which stage of onboarding, distribution of customers by demographics, and more.
  • Transaction analytics: Including transactions per day by type of transaction, most sold mutual funds by orders and values, and more.
  • Project analytics: Including overall sprint analysis, project and developer progress, current sprint analysis, where teams are falling behind, how teams are performing on a sprint-to-sprint basis, and more.
  • Support analytics: Including how many customers are coming in, how many tickets are open, and more.
  • Customer analytics: Including most frequented events in the app, funnel analysis of user journeys within the app, daily app installs and uninstalls, DAU/WAU/MAU, and more.

"In my previous organizations, I had worked with many BI tools, like Metabase, QlikView and Qlik Sense, and Excel. It's only at Glide Invest that I got an opportunity to work with Zoho Analytics. Up to that point, I was comfortable using Metabase and Excel, but when I tried Zoho Analytics, I really liked what I saw. It was an effortless tool for me to bring in data from multiple systems, and was very flexible. I could connect the data, query across systems, slice and dice the data, and it had an excellent UI. Above all, the Zoho Analytics support team was exceptional in responding to my queries."

Features including a SQL generation engine, data visualization options, look-up functions, pivot tables, and collaboration were all of great value for Glide Invest. Tibrewala also specially mentioned Zoho Analytics' customer support as being exceptional.

With Zoho Analytics, Glide Invest decreased their time spent doing analysis from 2-3 hours per day to just minutes, freeing up resources to focus on more important business.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with 10+ users, including development teams, tech advisors, directors, and the CEO, with different user privileges.

Benefits & results

  • Took analysis time from 2-3 hours per day to minutes
  • Provides overall insights that otherwise would be difficult to unearth
  • Visually appealing reports & dashboards
  • Enables easy collaboration across multiple devices, on the go
  • Auto update from online sources on daily basis