Finaco sees 20% productivity increase using Zoho Analytics

    >20%Productivity increase
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"We are a Zoho customer and use many products from the Zoho Suite. Zoho is where we look first when we have a business need."

Alexandrina Florea,
System Manager, Finaco

About Finaco

Finaco, is an accounting and financial consulting company, based out of Romania. A member of the Body of Expert Accountants and Certified Accountants in Romania, their mission is to provide accounting and consulting services in a competent and professional manner. They have been active in the market since 2003, and address small, medium, and large companies, regardless of the field in which they operate.

Challenges: Data from multiple apps

Alexandrina Florea is a system manager at Finaco, with responsibilities in analytics and business operations. She's in charge of all the admin-related work, including accounting, managing team projects, timesheets, and more.

Finaco does a lot of accounting, with most of it being repetitive tasks for tracking the financials of a company on a continuous basis. Finaco also receives consulting projects from clients, which they need to keep track of.

With data stored in multiple systems, they'd been doing analytics manually in Microsoft Excel, and were looking for a simple BI solution that could integrate, blend data, and do analysis.


Finaco wanted a solution that could:

  • Import data received from multiple systems
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards for analysis
  • Enable secured sharing with user-based permissions
Finaco sees 20% productivity increase using Zoho Analytics

"We provide financial consulting work for clients. The big challenge here is managing all the projects that we work on. Also, we have repetitive accounting tasks that need to be done periodically, to keep track of companies' finances."

Alexandrina Florea
System Manager, Finaco

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Finaco runs on Zoho. They use Zoho Projects, Zoho People, and Zoho Invoice. Being an ardent Zoho customer, they never needed to look for any other tools. They zeroed in on Zoho Analytics and started using connectors to integrate data from Zoho Projects and Zoho People into Zoho Analytics, to perform further data analysis, and glean actionable insight.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in connector and data connectivity options, data from Zoho apps were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics for end-to-end business analysis through auto-blending of data across Finaco.

Features like easy integration with Zoho apps, drag-and-drop functionality, graphs, dashboards, user-based permissions, visual interactions, and many more, enabled them to do more advanced analysis with ease.

Finaco uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Project analytics: Finaco now tracks the status of their projects, the actual cost of the project vs allocated, the number of hours put into a project, and more
  • People analytics: They now track metrics, including the productivity of employees, employee attendance, time sheets, actual hours spent on projects, and much more
  • Financial analytics: Financo can now monitor KPIs like income, profits, liabilities, capacity utilization rates, and more.

"At every month's end, we need to send all accounting statements, project statuses, and tax statements to top management and our clients. The data visualization in Zoho Analytics has really helped us bring data stored in multiple systems to life. It also helps me to see the project status of all projects in the organization, where I can see the occupancy rate of all our resources, making people more organized and productive."

With Zoho Analytics, Finaco now generates reports and dashboards that used to take them hours within minutes, increasing their productivity by more than 20%, which is now being spent in core areas of business.

Their reports and dashboards are shared with 15+ key stakeholders and managers, with user-based permissions and accessibility anywhere, at any time, across all devices.

Benefits & results

  • 20% increase in overall productivity
  • Clarity on project status at any given time
  • Reduced lost time between tasks
  • Enabled employees to be more organized and productive.