Zoho Analytics enables departmental analytics and increases productivity for Fandeli

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"The amount of time it takes to generate a report in SAP Business Objects is very long and SAP does not even support collaboration of reports across multiple devices and smartphones. On the other hand, Zoho Analytics is a simple, quick, intuitive tool that allows easy collaboration across devices. Now we can check reports on the go."

Víctor Hugo Garcia Barbosa


FANDELI, is the only producer of coated abrasives in Mexico, an undisputed market leader. With more than 93 years of experience, they have a portfolio of more than 15,000 products for hardware, industrial, automotive, and aesthetics channels, exported to more than 30 countries. FANDELI's complete portfolio, quality certified in ISO 9001: 2015, covers the needs of different industries and various processes in roughing, cutting, sanding and polishing surfaces in different materials.

Challenges: Need a simple cost effective BI

Víctor Hugo Garcia Barbosa, IT manager at FANDELI, wanted to track the performance of the business.

FANDELI uses multiple pieces of software: Oracle JD Edwards as ERP, Salesforce, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, and SuccessFactors. Though they were using SAP Business Objects as their BI tool, Garcia was looking for a new BI platform that was simple, yet understood relationships between data and could help them generate insight quickly, making analytics easy for all departments.

FANDELI uses SAP Business Objects for analyzing ERP data and Salesforce Einstein for Salesforce CRM data. But Victor was in need of a reliable BI tool for other departments including HR, customer service, and IT inventory teams, to perform ad-hoc and end-to-end departmental analytics.

FANDELI wanted a solution that could:

  • Connect and blend data from from multiple sources
  • Get actionable insight through reports and dashboards
  • Provide collaborative analytics with user-based permissions
FANDELI enables departmental analytics and increases productivity with Zoho Analytics

"We wanted a simple and cost-effective BI solution to analyze our HR, support, and inventory data that could be used by anyone and where reports could be shared seamlessly across multiple devices."

Víctor Hugo Garcia Barbosa

Solution: Zoho Analytics, the go-to BI solution

Victor was using SAP Business Objects for seven years but still found it cumbersome when it came to ad-hoc departmental analysis. He also found that not everyone in the organization was able to figure out efficient analysis with SAP Business Objects.

That's when he started searching for a BI tool that would be straightforward and intuitive to use, so that anyone could do analysis. His thorough search brought him to Zoho Analytics.

He liked the simplicity of Zoho Analytics, and was impressed by its easy collaboration via sharing reports and dashboards across multiple devices (which SAP did not deliver).

FANDELI's main objective was to analyze HR, support, and inventory data. The HR data was in SuccessFactors, while the tech support data was in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, and IT inventory data in JD Edwards. They download data from Success Factors and Oracle as CSV files and upload them into Zoho Analytics while having Service Desk Plus integrated into Zoho Analytics, with data sync happening three times a day.

FANDELI uses Zoho Analytics to analyze the following:

  • HR Metrics: Including hires, employee attrition rate, years of seniority in the company, vacation days utilized, absence reports, accidents in factories, personal information like gender, and more on a monthly basis.
  • Service-level metrics: Including open tickets, average ticket age, time to resolution, response rates, and monthly agent performance.
  • IT inventory metrics: Including tracking purchases of computers, servers, and printers, age of inventory, audit status, maintenance reports, and more monthly.

"Time factor is the difference when it comes to Zoho Analytics. If somebody asks us for information and we need to analyze it, we prefer Zoho Analytics instead of SAP Business Objects because in SAP, to extract data and create reports takes more time. For example, when we created reports in Zoho and SAP for IT inventory, with same records and fields, Zoho was swift to create reports within seconds, while SAP took a couple of minutes."

Features including data visualization, look-up functions, the formula engine, built-in interactive reports, quick report generation and collaboration were all of great value for FANDELI.

With Zoho Analytics, FANDELI finally got insight into their operational team's performance. This was critical in identifying areas to improve.

Since most of the analysis work is done through Zoho Analytics, anyone across HR, support, and inventory teams were able to do quick analysis to identify gaps and compare efficiencies with set targets, all within minutes. This was not possible before and as a result, the overall productivity of the company has increased.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with more than 20 users including senior management, HR, customer service, and IT inventory teams across devices anytime, anywhere.

Benefits & results

  • Increase in overall productivity
  • Enabled end-to-end departmental analytics
  • Creation of insightful reports and dashboards
  • Enabled easy collaboration of reports across multiple devices, on the go