Ecom Ventures improves business efficiency with Zoho Analytics

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"If you use Shopify and need advanced analytics, then you should integrate Zoho Analytics. We were able to integrate Shopify into Zoho Analytics in a few clicks, and reports were generated within minutes."

Juan Martitegui
Co-Founder, Ecom Ventures

About Ecom Ventures

Ecom Ventures, is a B2C brand factory using the power of digital marketing to put innovative products in front of people. They run ecommerce stores and directly sell to customers in all major product categories including skin care, accessories, and much more.

Challenges: Data from multiple sources

Juan Martitegui is the co-founder of Ecom Ventures, in charge of the company's finances, operations, business development, and analytics.

Ecom Ventures runs their store onShopify, customer support on Zendesk, ad campaigns with Facebook Ads, and web traffic tracking with Google Analytics. Their main challenge was the need to blending data from these different applications to create departmental and company-wide analytics as required.

Another challenge Ecom Ventures faced is that they have customers from multiple countries, which means many transactions in different currencies. In order to achieve the overarching analytics they were looking for, they needed to convert the currencies into USD based on the exchange rate.

Prior to Zoho, they were doing all this analysis in Microsoft Excel and it was time consuming for Martitegui. He started looking for a BI solution that could caters to all these needs.

Ecom Ventures wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend data from multiple applications
  • Analyze and create insightful departmental and orginazation-wide reports
  • Enable secured sharing of reports with user-based permissions
Ecom Ventures improves business efficiency with Zoho Analytics

"Main thing is when we run multiple stores and have multiple applications for data storage,, the complexity increases. We needed a tool that can pull data from apps like Shopify, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Zendesk and blend them to create departmental as well as company-wide consolidated dashboards."

Juan Martitegui
Co-Founder, Ecom Ventures

Solution: Unified business analytics

Martitegui tried all the industry-leading BI tools but wasn't satisfied. He tried QlikView and Tableau, which required him to recruit a technical person to perform complicated SQL queries. From there, he started his search for a self-service BI app that would be easy to set up and use.

Being a Zoho CRM and Zoho Books customer for a decade, Martitegui found Zoho Analytics ideal for his usage, plus its licensing model gave the added benefit of value for cost.

Ecom Ventures was able to integrate Shopify, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Zendesk in just a few clicks and generate reports within minutes. Since the company's sales were entirely dependent on Shopify, its integration with Zoho Analytics was critical for Martitegui. Through connectors, they were able to integrate Shopify in no time and bring data into Zoho Analytics easily. With Zendesk, they were astonished by the out-of-the-box built-in reports created by Zoho Analytics.

Since implementing Zoho, they've gone on to generate a wide range of key reports including:

  • Sales analytics: Sales by period, by product, etc.
  • Customer service analytics: CSAT, average response time, refund reports, etc.
  • Ad metrics: ROI, ad conversion rate, profitability, etc.
  • Inventory metrics: Product inventory status, overall stock levels,etc.

"For me, Zoho Analytics is a complete BI solution to look into and diagnose my business very quickly, that too in an ever-changing e-commerce environment. This solution helps us to look at trends and detect things early, saving us a lot of time and money. In fact, in the recent COVID-19 times, we were able to calculate the amount of returns we would get by looking into insights and optimizing orders from our suppliers accordingly."

These reports are shared with leadership team and 20% of customer support team have access to these metrics. For all meetings, Martitegui now logs into Zoho and the whole meeting is centered around metrics from Zoho Analytics.

Martitegui and his team appreciate features including pivot tables, effective integrations, connector availability, and the ability to generate unified reports from blended data from multiple apps.

Martitegui sees the main benefit in Zoho Analytics that he's now able to understand the performance of the company, giving him clear accountability on targets and leading to increased revenue.

On the productivity side, Martitegui previously spent anywhere from two to five full days a week on analytics. Now with Zoho Analytics, he only ever has to spend a few minutes checking in.

Looking forward, Ecom Ventures is planning to track customers from ad impressions to sales and throughout service, end-to-end customer journey mapping enabled by unified data blending, powered by Zoho Analytics.

Benefits & results

  • Increase in productivity: From 2-5 days per week spent on analytics to just a few minutes
  • Increased accountability: Leads to right action by the right team.
  • Gauge pulse of the company: Enable end-to-end business performance tracking.
  • Collaboration: Easy sharing of dashboards across locations and devices.