D&J achieves 25% higher revenue using Zoho Analytics

    25% increase in revenue
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"We needed a tool that could help us categorize our data and deliver it in an organized and simplified manner. Other platforms had limitations, but Zoho Analytics gave us the flexibility to customize the data and the features. It took us to a whole new level of analytics. Zoho Analytics gave more rhythm to our business and expanded our horizons."

Eduardo Duarte
CEO & Founder, D&J

About D&J Social and Educational Technology

D&J Social and Educational Technology, emerged from the consolidated experience of a group of professionals linked to education—especially distance education—and the development and administration of educational platforms. They facilitate the implementation and management of educational projects and provide quality service. They have an experienced and creative multidisciplinary technical team composed of instructional designers, web designers, graphic designers, systems analysts, audio and video specialists, and administrative and service support.

Challenge: Vastness of Data

Eduardo Duarte, founder and CEO of D&J, wanted to store all his data in a comprehensible and simplified manner that would be easy for clients and students to access and understand.

As an online education platform, they used Moodle and LimeSurvey as core technology, and had about 300,000 students and 22 clients. The vastness of data was backbreaking to manage manually and demanded a substantial amount of time.

Reports about student profiles, course enrollment, and city-wise and course-wise student headcounts had to be sent weekly to the board of directors. Continuing on this line, student results, individual progress, attendance, and course progress reports had to be shared with students as well as clients.

D&J was using Microsoft Excel for this purpose and imported data from the Moodle platform to create these reports. It was cumbersome and required extensive manual work.

D&J wanted a solution that could:

  • Blend data and enable quick creation of reports
  • Enable quick and easy sharing of reports and dashboards
  • Provide collaborative analysis on courses and student performance data

"We did all the work manually in Excel. Yet, we didn't get the reports in the desired format. Excel had a lot of limitations and the reports were not easily comprehensible."

Eduardo Duarte
CEO & Founder, D&J

Solution: Zoho Analytics

As Eduardo was unsatisfied with the reports generated from Excel, he began his quest for a BI tool. He evaluated and compared Power BI with Zoho Analytics and found out that Zoho Analytics was more efficient and easy to use.

Earlier, Eduardo had to import the data from Moodle and create reports in Excel. But now he was able to embed Zoho Analytics in the Moodle platform, making his job a lot easier—and using Zoho Analytics' data connectivity options and built-in connector, data from MySQL was now effortlessly integrated.

Eduardo was amazed at the data visualization and features offered by Zoho Analytics. He found it more customizable and it also enabled them to generate client-specific reports in mere seconds. Adding to this, the drilldown feature fascinated clients.

The flexibility that Zoho Analytics offered on their data took data analytics for D&J to a whole new level.

D&J uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: Number of courses sold throughout Brazil, state-wise sales, and much more
  • Hardware analytics: Analysis of company capability to support students with hardware and course materials
  • Student profile analytics: Student profiles, courses enrolled, duration of courses enrolled, progress of courses, and more
  • Course analytics: Student headcount for specific courses, etc

"Everything that we weren't able to deliver with Excel before, we're now able to deliver using Zoho Analytics. The dashboards are easily comprehensible to everyone. It has given us more freedom and flexibility when working with data."

The key benefit that D&J achieved using Zoho Analytics is that they gained more new customers, as they were able to offer customization that they couldn't before, resulting in a 25% increase in revenue.

Zoho Analytics enhanced their service by making them more transparent to clients and students, thereby helping them retain 25% more of their old clients.

They're also able to save five days every month, which had previously been spent on analyzing data in Excel.

The reports are now generated in mere seconds, with real-time data. The scheduled email feature was also a little something extra which enabled them to send their reports weekly and on time.

Their dashboards and reports are now shared with over 300,000 students, 22 clients, and to multiple boards of directors.

Benefits & results

  • D&J saves five days per month by using Zoho Analytics.
  • Seamless sharing of reports to massive amounts of people.
  • Enabled 25% increase in revenue
  • Equiped them to retain 25% more old clients