Caffè Moak gets deep customer and supplier insights with Zoho Analytics

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    60%Increase in customer insights
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"Zoho Analytics—being fast, simple, yet compelling BI software—made our lives easier for importing, integrating, and analyzing data. Visualization is another plus in this product, and dashboards are very appealing".

- Maurizio Pisana, IT Manager, Caffè Moak

About CaffeMoak

Caffè Moak, headquartered in Italy and established in 1967, has been in the coffee roasting and distribution business for over 60 years. With different lines of products and varied sets of customers, they operate on five continents and export coffee to 65 countries. Analytics is a vital tool for Caffè Moak to help understand the behavior of its customers, suppliers, and products' success.


Caffè Moak needed to analyze range of sales and operational data from different sources, like their plant production logs, ERP, CRMs, social media, and the proprietary data from their MySQL database—they needed insightful analysis about their customers and suppliers. Their existing BI tool, QlikView, was overly complex, so they wanted to replace it with something more user-friendly.

They were looking for a BI product that can:

  • Import from multiple sources, like Microsoft Excel, email, SQL, ERP, CRM, social media, and then blend that data with ease
  • Provide powerful reports and dashboards that can easily be created by salespeople
  • Facilitate collaboration, enabling the seamless sharing of reports and dashboards to global teams, across devices

With Qlik, generating reports was an arduous process, due to its complexity and technical dependency.

Caffè Moak gets deep customer and supplier insights with Zoho Analytics

"We were using QlikView for our analytic needs. It was complex, took time, and could be used only by our technical service manager. We struggled with generating graphs, and analysis became tough for a company like us with varied products."

Maurizio Pisana
Caffè Moak IT Manager


Caffè Moak started searching for alternatives. They looked into various options, including SAP BI, which was too technical for their sales personnel. That's when they tried Zoho Analytics and were immediately hooked.

"Zoho Analytics made our lives easier for importing, integrating, and analyzing data. Visualization is a plus in this product, and dashboards were very appealing. We were floored by its ease of use."

With Zoho Analytics, Caffè Moak were able to import data from different sources—in minutes. Their sales team is now able to analyze customer data and create more insightful reports, like the increase or decrease of volume across special customers, region-wise and year-on-year comparisons, drill-down data, and much more. On the operations side, Caffè Moak were able to compare the frequency of credit given to their suppliers, as well as their payment detail history

"With Zoho Analytics, we've increased the availability of customer information to our sales teams by 60%, which was a distant dream with Qlik. Our employees are now able to access dashboards across the globe on all devices—laptops, mobile phones, tablets—seamlessly. We can also set up roles for different users and collaborate on reports and tables during meetings."

Caffè Moak now shares reports and dashboards to all their global business functions securely, with fine-tuned permissions.

With rapidly changing product lines and an ever-growing business, Caffè Moak now has a competitive advantage, with customizable, real-time insights—thanks to Zoho Analytics. Consistent dashboards for Sales, Marketing, MIS, Operations, and for their CEO, can now be created in no time.

Benefits & results

Using Zoho Analytics, Caffè Moak has been able to:

  • Increase the availability of critical information on customers' demographic and buying patterns by 60% for sales teams, seamlessly across devices, boosting overall sales.
  • Track supplier payments and credit any time, from anywhere.
  • Enable collaboration and drill-down of Caffè Moak data to better understand customer behavior across different products.
  • Reduce dependency on technical staff for reporting and analysis, thereby enhancing team productivity
  • Create appealing reports and dashboards for executive reviews, within minutes