Are you are a software vendor into making inventory management software, a help desk ticketing tool, a mass mailing marketing software, or any such software product? Chances are you would be continuously building and enhancing the core functionalities of your product, and not spending too much time on non-core features like having an online store to power your bank transactions, or providing powerful reporting & dashboard features for your customers. These are things that are best left to the experts in the respective fields.

Zoho Analytics offers extensively customizable white label solutions. It can be a very good fit for independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and anyone who is in need of a ready made reporting tool to be plugged in seamlessly to their product offering.

Benefits of Zoho Analytics White Label

  • Fully featured BI, reporting and analytics platform
  • Fast implementation
  • Seamless integration within your product/service
  • Customizable logo, login page, URL (from your own website)
  • Single sign-on (use your own authentication system)
  • In-built collaboration with fine-grained access control
  • Embedded reporting (ready made reports)
  • Self-service BI for your users

Zoho Analytics offers two types of white label solutions – 1) White label with SSO (single sign-on) and 2) White label without SSO.

White Label with SSO
This option is meant for SaaS providers. You have an application offered as SaaS. And you want to offer a powerful reporting solution to go with the service. Users login to your service, and they click on a ‘Analytics’ tab/link in your service. This will open a white labeled Zoho Analytics screen seamlessly within your service itself, without requiring your users to login again separately into Zoho Analytics.


White Label without SSO
This option can be used by everyone other than SaaS solution providers.

  • Installable software vendors (who would want an online reporting/dashboard service accessible from anywhere anytime)
  • Companies from all verticals/industries (hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, automotive etc) who are mailing Excel attachments as reports to their clients every month
  • Analysts having lots of data to be reported upon/analyzed

Your clients can build ad-hoc reports too, on top of what you offer by default. We have setup a demo of this second option at


Similar to the page you see above, your white label solution can have a web page served from a URL of your website, like say Once the user logs in, she will see a customized, white label version of Zoho Analytics with your own logo and top-band, being served from your own website. Similar to the one below, with your website URL, your logo, your customized page.


If you are interested in a full-fledged, ready made white label reporting / BI solution, do get in touch with us.

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  1. Matt D.

    Looks like a great solution. Is it HIPAA-compliant? Would you be willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement to that effect?

  2. Karthik

    Hello – I want set the PI parameter for my internal process, finding very difficult to set. Can you help me out

  3. Ade

    any login details for the non-sso demo that has data?

    • Arvind

      Ade: If you can let us know your Zoho ID, we can share the demo credentials with you. Write to us at

  4. Haris Spiropoulos

    Interested to examine a White Label patnership with Zoho and our company.

  5. Mario Stevenson

    Hi,I noticed the White Label with Reports and Support (probably for testing.) We wanted the White Label a few months ago as to create seamless integration with a unique look and feel. Even with Zoho Business Mailsuite, Reports and Support appear seamless! This was a much needed advancement for SaaS delivery and integration.Thank you,
    Mario F. Stevenson