We are super excited to announce the launch of Zoho Analytics 4.0! It debuts with some great new analytics features. Let’s see what Zoho Analytics has on offer.

Ask Zia, the AI Powered Assistant
Zoho Analytics now sports the AI-powered Zia, Zoho’s intelligent assistant. Whether it be questions like ‘Get me the support tickets received this month, by product by region’ or ‘Give me sales by country by channel’, you just ask Zia. Zia converts such questions asked in natural language to complex SQL queries in the back end, and comes up with multiple relevant report suggestions. You can save the suggestion that best suits you as a report directly.

Auto-Blending of Data
Data is typically siloed in departmental business apps. If a CEO wants to see this month’s new sales, marketing spend, support tickets got, and invoices sent, she has to go to each of the different apps. Let’s say she also wants to know revenue (data in accounting or CRM app) per employee (data in HR app), it becomes even more arduous. This is where Zoho Analytics can help with its intelligent auto-blending capability. Zoho Analytics makes it easier to analyze data from across apps, and to easily create interactive reports and dashboards.

Zoho Analytics forays into predictive analytics territory with new forecasting capabilities. Users can now predict future trends accurately based on their past data.

New Connectors
Zoho Analytics adds seven new connectors for popular business apps. Each of these connectors come with more than 100 pre-built domain-specific reports and KPI dashboards that users can benefit from right away.

  • For social media agencies: Facebook Pages, Twitter handles, and Twitter competitive analytics.
  • For marketing agencies: Bing Ads and Facebook Ads analytics.
  • For HR leaders: Zoho People analytics.
  • For Accountants: QuickBooks Desktop analytics

Are you from a large enterprise? Having your data in in-house databases, and org policy dictates that the data not be moved to the cloud? We heard you. Zoho Analytics now has an on-premise edition, which can be installed in both Windows and Linux machines.

Enhanced Visualization Options
Zoho Analytics includes a major overhaul to its visualization options. In addition to the existing 40+ chart types, Zoho Analytics has added geo map charts to help visualize location data. Dark-themed dashboards, flexible dashboard layouts, heat maps, and dial gauges have also been added as new visualization options.

Collaborative Analytics
Users can comment on any report or dashboard, and have a contextual conversation, right within Zoho Analytics, without relying on an external chat or collaboration app.

Data Alerts
Zoho Analytics alerts users via in-app notifications or email when an anomaly is detected so that appropriate action can be taken. For example, a sharp drop in sales or an abnormal increase in support tickets can trigger alerts.

Apart from the above, Zoho Analytics 4.0 comes packed with several other features, including a refreshed new interface. Check out the all new Zoho Analytics 4.0.

Note: We are running webinars explaining about what’s new in Zoho Analytics. Please register here.

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  1. Sharon Lovett

    If you upgrade to Analytics 4 what happens to your existing dashboards and reports done in your current version? Also what is the pricing? Is there a non-profit price? If you answered this before I can’t find it.

  2. Sharon Lovett

    If you upgrade to Analytics 4 what happens to your existing dashboards and reports done in your current version? Also what is the pricing? Is there a non-profit price?